Exams, Youtube and Tollwood

Hey Guys

I've got good news today. I'll have my last exam for this year on Wednesday!!!! There are still 4 more weeks of school left tho but we have a one week choir trip as well as a 4 day holiday (more or less) in Prague.

Basically lots of things to blog about which leads me to another topic I wanted to talk about. 
For a couple of years I thought about creating a vlogging channel on youtube but I never the courage or confidence of actually doing it (and my life back then was way more boring then). Anyway last weekend I did some research on good cameras for vlogging and I thought about buying the Canon PowerShot S120. If any of you use or used this one let me know what you think about it or if you have any other suggestions, concerning cameras, I should have a look at. Thank you already ❤

Different question, since last week the weather has been ridiculously good here, we had temperatures of up to 40 degrees, is it so hot where you are too?
Since German summers don't usually last long we decided to go to Tollwood on Sunday.