Week 6 Recap


Wow I can't believe it's halfway already but I'm so happy I'm still going strong and keeping up with the workouts and putting effort in keeping my diet healthy even though there are so many sweets I want to have because we don't have them in Germany (I'll probably buy a lot and sent them back home).

So let's talk about the week. I know I said last week that I want to get back into healthy eating and I think I did a pretty good job this week. I admit I did have some chocolates but simply because I still had some at home and as long as they are there I can't completely resist them but now that they're all gone I don't have the desire to eat them or even buy them.

Week 5 Recap

That's week 5 done and to be honest I didn't want to share it at first but I've been eating so bad this week.
Since it's currently half term I had the whole week off from work and this influenced my food choices immensely.
I did a lot of exploring and rather opted for those ready made sandwiches you get at Pret or Starbucks since I'm really trying to not spend too much and then because I went to Brighton I ate at Pizza Express and bought lots of chocolates, which I usually only have on weekends and only a little bit, but I literally had a whole bag of chocolate covered nuts, a pack of dark chocolate digestives and some other bits and now I feel so bad because I can see how I gained weight again. 

Week 4 Recap

How is week 4 already over?! It's one third of the way but it feels like nothing. Also it was another 4 workouts this week and now I'm really glad week 5 has some new workout routines because by now, I have to admit, I was kinda bored by the exercises. I really had to push myself to complete every day and not just give up because I wasn't feeling challenged enough.

Week 3 Recap

It's the end of week 3 and my am I sore. This week consisted of not 3 but 4 workouts and, yes I know, it does not sound like much of a difference but it sure is. These extra 30-40 minutes challenged me quite a lot but I stayed strong and pulled through.