The Liebster Award

Hey everyone. Last night I found out that Jordan from nominated me for the Liebster Award.
If you're like me and maybe heard about it but never actually knew what it's all about, here's how the whole thing will work:

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!! I hope you're having an amazing day. 
But now let's be honest Valentine's Day isn't any different to other days however to all my single friends out there here's what I'm doing on Valentine's Day for probably the last 3 years.

Current Reads

Hello there so we meet again on this fine Wednesday night. How was your day. Mine was great I only head two lessons in the morning and went shopping with my friends at 10am. That's so weird. Also I head my first ever theory lesson for my driving license today.

School is so busy right now and I hate that because I'm currently having a reading phase. Basically I love reading a lot at the moment so today I waned to talk about the books I'm currently reading. I know many people will say "why read multiple books at once" let me explain that. Whenever I'm near a bookstore I have to buy a book so obviously I end up owning lots who I haven't read yet. 

Just know that some of those books I haven't started yet, however there are two I'm reading parallel and one I've started but stopped because it's quite boring at the moment and can't get myself to start again. 
After that's clear now let's get into it.

MAC Makeup Review

How are you? My brain feels like the consistency of porridge (I know disgusting) but since I'm taking a maths course since Monday for 7 hours that's what I expected. Anyway let's talk about about MAC. After I got my first MAC lipstick back in January I've got some more things. So today I wanted to do a little review on my recent purchases.

36 Things On My Bucket List

Bucket Lists or Life Goals. I believe we all have them some more than others but we all have at least one. 
Goals are important so why not set some for your life. 
The following list has 36 of my biggest goals but keep in mind that they're in no order and it's not all of them. I could've made quite a bigger list but since I tend to be a weirdo in some ways I didn't want to include the weird ones.
So enjoy and let me know which goals we share or what your biggest goal in life is.

1. meet One Direction
2. meet Zoe Sugg
3. meet Joe Sugg
4. meet Alfie Deyes
5. meet 5SOS
6. visit Disneyland
7. visite the Universal studios in Orlando (nearly accomplished)
8. be first row at a concert
9. live abroad
10. make a youtube channel
11. visit New York (in a couple of months)
12. finish school with 1,...
13. own a concert-t-shirt collection
14. love my job

January Favourites

Hey there how are you doing? I'm currently listening to the '90's SMASH HITS' playlist on spotify and thinking about it I should've added it to this months favourites. Or wait no it's already February that means last months favourites. Anyway there are a few other things I've loved throughout the whole of January so let's get started!

Also just to let you know I have a giveaway running at the moment go have a look here