Surviving Exams

It's that time of the year again and I am already freaking out. Gladly mine are still 3 or 4 weeks away but still you can never start planning early enough. Last year during the two exam phases I managed to get between 9 and 13/15 points on every single exam.
Since all these points count towards my A-Levels I thought why not write my 'tricks and tips' down so I'll remember and maybe help some of you too.

Step one is something I did last year and already have done again, is marking all your exams on a calender and putting it up somewhere you see it every day, like over your desk or next to your dressing table. This is quite important since there won't be any surprises like I had yesterday when I found out I ha an ethics test today. Only because I didn't write it down. 

Step two: sort out your priorities. Basically I look at the exams and which subject is when and then I decide for what subjects I will need to study more than for others. Also get a planner if you haven't already and note done when to study for what exam. It will help you to stick to your revision.

Step three will be the actual revision. I always write down a summary of all the things we did in class, either in a notebook or revision cards, depends on how much I need to learn. And only by writing it down again you will already memorise quite a lot. Simple as that just make sure you're concentrated and don't watch TV or anything at the same time. Music is okay though just make sure it's a playlist that's not to distracting.

Step four is rewarding yourself every once in a while. Maybe go out and buy yourself something for a pamper night, like bath bombs from lush (I bought a lot of them) or go out with some friends for a coffee/tea and some cake. Just anything that makes you happy.

Now when it comes to exam day, let's say maths, it is important to go to bed early. On normal school days I go to bed at around 11ish but before exams I try to be ready by 9 and be asleep around 10 so that when I wake up I have had enough sleep and feel good. This will also help you keep your concentration up. 
Which leads me to another point I believe always important and that's staying hydrated while eating clean, without getting cravings between the meals. Make sure to always have a banana or something that gives you sugar but need some time to be digested because otherwise you will get a sugar rush and crave even more sugar. And during a 5 hour exam, like my German one, it's good to keep you stomach from starting to growl out loud.

Also one last massive point you shouldn't forget is to take some time off revising. Make sure you don't overwork yourself and take a bath some time or face masks or what ever keeps you relaxed.

I hope I helped you with these steps because they certainly did help me.

lots of love

5SOS 'Sounds Good Feels Good' First Impressions

Two post about music in a row? Really? Yesss!!! 5sos have finally released their second album 'Sounds Good Feels Good' and I couldn't resist the urge to do a first impressions
post. Yay exciting. Now of course I listened to the album before today since it came out on Friday but I still know all my reactions so let's dive into it. Here's also the spotify link if you want to listen to each song while reading.

Fall Out Boy Concert recap

It's time for another concert recap YAAAAAY. Who knows Fall Out Boy? I hope you do because they are amazing. 

Zoella's Funfetti Cupcakes

It's officially baking season!! And since I am not much of a fan of pumpkin I went and surfed the Internet for amazing baking recipes. Now guess what I found, yes that's right Zoella's Funfetti Cupcake recipe and since my mum's birthday was just around the corner why not make them as kind of a birthday cake.

Yankee Candle Collection

To quote Louis Tomlinson (with a slight change) 'If you like candles as much as I do, we're gonna get on real well'. The title gave it away today is a ll about yankee candles. I am actually a huge candle enthusiast but it's so hard to find those having the perfect smell. I wanted to share with you my four most loved ones. 

Daily Makeup Routine

Hey everyone how are you doing? Today I made a post I never actually considered before but today it kind of felt right to do so here we go, I present to you my daily makeup routine. I think it's obvious that I don't spend much time or money on makeup, probably because I'd rather watch people do different make up looks than do them myself :P. But let's get to business.

Opinion On Freelee The Banana Girl

Today's post is a little bit different. Yesterday I went on youtube watching Zoe's, Alfie's, Joe's and some other youtubers new videos. And you know how they sometimes recommend you videos to watch, well there was one from Freelee the banana girl. Some may know her some don't basically she is a vegan from Australia and claims so have lost all her extra weight and sustains her healthy lifestyle by eating 50 bananas a day and eats more or less raw. 

First of all eating this amount of bananas is in no way healthy (I asked the personal trainer of my dad) because of the amount of sugar in them. But coming back to the video. It's about Zoe aka Zoella (for those of you who don't know her) apparently being a hypocrite because she loves Nala but still eats meat.