September Favourites

Can you believe it's already October tomorrow. Why does time pass by so quick? But anyway as you may have guessed from the title I'm doing my September favourites today. Let me know if you love any of those items as much as I do.
And now without any further ado let's get into this.

Autumn Nail Polish Collection

When it comes to autumn some of us may tend to change their makeup routine or hair routine but except maybe for eyeshadow the only thing I change are nail polishes. I just feel like not every colour fits every season so I basically have a collection for winter, spring, summer and autumn. Today I wanted to show you my favourite ones to wear this time of the year so lets get started.

Zoella Beauty Review

Autumn has officially arrived and I am so excited for all the hot chocolates, teas, candles, cosy blankets and those many many warm baths (this reminds me I really need to pop into Lush).

As you may know a few weeks back I went to the UK and since we don't have superdrug here I obviously needed to go and buy some of Zoellas beauty products. I now kind of regret only buying the turquoise beauty eyes beauty bag and the Tutty Fruity Fizz Bar. Yup not enough at all.

Malta holiday recap

Hey Guys

I'm back!!! Yay finally I know it's been way too long. I still don't have my laptop back though :/ 

Today I wanted to do a little recap on my trip to Malta so lean back and get yourself a nice cup of tea.

First off I have to say that Malta is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to and you'll see why.