Week 10 Recap

Well hello there. How are you on this gorgeous spring evening. I didn't actually get the chance to leave the house today because I was working on my portfolio for UNI, which by the way I finally managed to finish, however I did open all the windows and marvelled at the sunny weather outside.
Also anyone else feeling sad because they lost 1 hours of sleep but is also happy about longer evenings? I'm kinda torn between these two feelings haha. 

It's the end of week 10 and I'm still confused about time. How do 10 weeks go by so quick? I started this plan in January and now it's already the end of March. Also I realised that the girls and boys who were in year 11 when I did my A-Levels are about to start theirs in like 3 weeks. The heck it's been a whole year already I feel like I'm loosing grip of time. Anyone else feeling the same way? 

Kylie Lipkit Review

This one's for all my fellow lipstick lovers. A week or so before I went ofs on holiday a little black parcel arrived at my house and I got so so so excited. I finally got my hands on two Kylie lipkits, Koko K and Posie K. And since I love wearing them I thought I'd do a little review. Now I'm not the best at reviews so bare with me on this one please.

Week 9 Recap

Well hello there how are you all doing?
Week 9 was off to a good start with lots of motivation but ended with a horrible stomach ache. I put so much will power into getting through every week's workouts but this time I sadly failed.

Week 8 Recap

Lunging into week 9 and I'm shook. How is it already the last third of 12 weeks? Time really goes by quick if you spend it doing something you really love. 
The same goes for the fact that I only have 3 1/2 months left in London. What have I even done in the past 7 months?? But I guess I'll just have to make the most of the remaining time taking in every minute.

Week 7 Recap

It's March which means it's kinda finally spring as well and I am so so happy about this.
Can you believe that I started the plan in January and now it's March already.
I feel like time is flying by faster and faster every year. Honestly though I blink and it feels like I just went straight from Monday to Friday.