My journey through school

Hey Guys

Before I start with today's post I just wanted to let you all know that for the next 2 or 3 weeks I will probably not upload anything. Simply because I will be going on holidays to Malta for the next 2 weeks and after that school will start again right away for me. I hope you understand this.

Anyway talking about school this is quite an emotional and difficult topic for me at the moment. This next will be my last year of school EVER and that means lots of stress, trying to decide what to study or in general what to do next in my life and the fear of loosing contact to all my friends.

I can still remember my very first day of school and how we walked from church to school while me and my best friend at the time tried to guess what's in our 'Zuckertüten'. There actually isn't a real translation to this in English so I'll try and explain it.

my top 3 holiday books

Hey Guys 

Today I thought about sharing with you my Top 3 books to read on while you're on holidays.
Reading is my favourite thing to do when I'm away because what else is there except for swimming and tanning and since my skin always skips the tanning part and moves straight to the sunburn I just like to lay in the sand with a good book. 
So let's start with the Top 3

Meeting my best friends again after one year

Hey Guys

Some of you are maybe in the same situation as I am and have a best friend or more in a different country. Now my three best friends happen to live in the UK while I am stuck here in Germany.

2013 I had the chance of staying in the UK for 4 months and go to school there. Obviously you make good friends, who you sadly have to leave after your time in their country is up.

Anyway last year my parents decided to go on a road trip though the UK and parts of Scotland which allowed me to meet up with my friends again. We had loads of fun what in the end just led to me being miserably sad after we left.

This year my parents got me a flight back to the UK and it was just last week when I used it to fly back.
First of all I had to travel from Munich to Manchester and then to Blackpool to the place one of my friends lives since I stayed with her. When I got there the first thing we did was having a little friends marathon until we decided to meet up with my other two friends in town.

IMPORTANT - your help is needed

Hey Guys

This is gonna be a not so typical post because...

I need your help and I need it badly. At my school we have to write a term paper during the summer holidays. 
Now my topic is 9/11 and it's impacts on firefighters. By that I mean those who were on duty during the attacks, so those who went into the twin tours or were outside helping. 
But another aspect of my topic is post traumatic stress syndrome and what the impacts are on the affected. 
You may now want to know why I need your help. 
Well I did A LOT of research on reports done by such firefighters who were diagnosed with ptsd after 9/11 but I couldn't find anything. 
So now I'm asking you, if you happen to be a firefighter and were diagnosed with ptsd or you happen to know someone who fits this criteria let me know and even if you don't know anyone please share this with friends, family, on your social media or whatever.

I'm currently working out a few questions, I'm trying use not more than 7, so you would just have to answer those and obviously be okay with me naming you and your answers in my paper.

If you have any further questions just send me an email ( or message me on google+

Please help and share this post. I really need those reports to write this term paper.

Thank you

lots of love