Something I noticed

Hey Guys

This week I've been thinking about this blog and how I am really getting into this whole blogging thing and the way it makes me happy but then i thought about my posts and to be honest the 'new music friday' thingy didn't quite turn out how I've imagined/hoped it would.
That was when I noticed that, without knowing it tho, I wasn't really doing 'my own thing' with this weekly series stuff. I mean I love to read those but so many bloggers do it and I don't want to be one of many I want to be like I really am and not try to fit in.
Basically i decided to forget about this series stuff and just keep on writing about things that happen to me during the week or topics I want to address. Anyways, in my first post I said I want this blog to be about music. And it will still be but also with a personal side. 
So yeah I just wanted to get this off me and let ya all know this.

lots of love xx

Having a plan and holidays

Hey Guys

First of all happy (belated) Easter. I know I'm late but I'm currently on holidays at the east cost of Germany, which is actually the reason why there haven't been any posts for almost 2 weeks now and I probz won't post anything till I'm back home on Sunday because the Internet here is rubbish (sorry).

But basically hat I wanted to tell you is that I'm planning something since this blog is turning into anything except for a music blog.
I really hope you'll like my idea and you'll get to see what it is soon.

Anyways since I'm on holidays I thought why not write something about this place and what I've done so far.