First Stop New York City

Hey there I hope you had a great holiday or will have a great one if you've not been on one yet. If you follow me on my insta or twitter you will know that I've been to the US east cost and traveled down south for 3 weeks. So because I love traveling and reading travel posts I thought of starting a little series on my trip. Each post will be about a different city and what I did there. So let's get right into it.

Casual Beach Day | OOTD

Hello again. How are you? It's a lovely day today so I hope eveyone's happy right now. 
Todays post is another rare one. You might remember that back in February I did my first ever fashion post. And now that I've graduated lovely people from Boutique of Molly got back to me and offered me to work with them again. Of course I said yes because the cloths are so cute. Literally if you haven't checked them out do that now (click here).

Plane Essentials

(H)ello. How is everyone of you doing? I'm really good knowing that it's only 10 more days till I go on holiday.
Because of that I thought I'd share some of my travel or air plane essentials. 
I have been on quite a lot flights before but never an 8 hour (or so) one. However I've been reading quite a lot of travel blogs lately and also I have some of my own must haves so here's what I would always take on a plane with me.