My world collapsed today

Hey Guys

I knew this day would come one day but not TODAY. 
An hour or so ago I went on twitter to check if anything happened and indeed something was going on. My whole timeline was spammed with people begging Zayn to stay in One Direction and how sad they were. 

At first I thought it was all just a sick joke or something but as soon as I had read Zayn's Statement on the band's official facebook page I knew this was real. From that moment it felt like my whole world collapsed. I don't know if any of you have ever been in such a situation but let me tell you it doesn't fell good to see your favourite band slowly breaking apart. 

My cute secret project

Hey Guys

I've had this idea about doing something nice for everyone at my school. Basically i wanted to hang up these 'Take what you need' sheets everywhere in the building and also stick some post-it's with cute quotes about beauty and life to the mirrors in the girls bathrooms.

So I sat down and tried to design my own flyes and collected some quotes. After some time I told one of my best friends about my plan and asked her to help me. 
We then decided to do the whole thing on the day of the solar eclipse (yesterday), which meant we had to hurry up a little. 

St.Patricks Day Parade

Hey Guys

Although St.Patricks Day isn't in another 2 days, I still went to the parade in town today. It's always on the Sunday before St.Patricks Day and let me tell you it's the closest you'll ever get to Ireland in Germany. 

We (my mum, dad, aunt, her husband and me) took the train into town at about 11:30. When we arrived they weren't allowed to sell Guinness yet so we basically just stayed near the "bar". 

A Truly Magical Night

Hey Guys

This is a little recap of the Sam Smith concert me and a friend of mine went to on Wednesday.

We went there about an hour before start which turned out to be a good decision since we ended up standing fourth row during the show. And it was the most amazing and heart touching concert I've ever been too.

Never would I have thought that I'd cry as soon as he comes on stage. But I did. More than once. He was worth the tears tho haha. 
Anyway.... after we got into the venue, it didn't take long till the whole room was filled with people.

Saint Raymond

picture by
Hey Guys

In November 2014 I went to see Ed Sheeran while he was on tour in Germany (I might do a post about this). He had two support acts, I can't really remember the name of the first one (sorry) and the second support act was called 'Saint Raymond'. (I actually wanted to use one of my own pictures but they all turned out to be completely blurry)

And believe me when I tell you he was AMAZING. I can't really explain it.
I guess he's one of those artist you just have to see live and experience their shows yourself so you can understand what I mean.
Basically, you were able to not only see but feel the effort and passion he put into his show.
Since then I've been kind of addicted to his songs. They are the most played ones on my iTunes and Spotify account.I will leave you the links below.

The start of something new

Music has always been really important to me.
When people ask me to explain what I feel whenever I listen to music I tell them 3 simple words: Happiness, Sadness and Love.

Before I tell you why I started this blog I want you to get to know me a bit.

To start off with, I consider myself as a not so typical teenager. 
What do I mean with this?
Well, unlike most of my friends I don't really go outside, go to parties nor am I trying to meet boys (I'm socially awkward), get drunk every Friday night or do whatever "typical" teenagers are doing.
I prefer to stay home and maybe have a marathon of a series I'm currently watching, curl up in my bed with a nice cup of tea, maybe some chocolate ice cream, and a good book (I found myself reading more often in the last couple of month.) OR something that is really typical for me and maybe some of you too, I just simply obsess over bands. Sometimes I cry or I just freak out over them and their music.