The Disney Tag

Today I decided to do something different. I haven't really done a tag before so but I found this one and since I really love Disney I decided to give it a shoot. Also if you read this you're tagged so leave me the link to your answers in the comments.

Second Stop Washington DC

Next stop on our holiday was Washington DC. I have to say one of my least favourite stops we had. Simply because for me it was more of memorial separated in small memorials rather than a city. However the little apartment we had was so cute and also the neighbourhood was really nice. I'm not used to seeing so much patriotism since we (here in Germany) always get told "Don't show too much pride in your country you know what happened in the past". I believe the part we lived in was Mount Pleasant but don't quote me on that. 

First Stop New York City

Hey there I hope you had a great holiday or will have a great one if you've not been on one yet. If you follow me on my insta or twitter you will know that I've been to the US east cost and traveled down south for 3 weeks. So because I love traveling and reading travel posts I thought of starting a little series on my trip. Each post will be about a different city and what I did there. So let's get right into it.

Casual Beach Day | OOTD

Hello again. How are you? It's a lovely day today so I hope eveyone's happy right now. 
Todays post is another rare one. You might remember that back in February I did my first ever fashion post. And now that I've graduated lovely people from Boutique of Molly got back to me and offered me to work with them again. Of course I said yes because the cloths are so cute. Literally if you haven't checked them out do that now (click here).

Plane Essentials

(H)ello. How is everyone of you doing? I'm really good knowing that it's only 10 more days till I go on holiday.
Because of that I thought I'd share some of my travel or air plane essentials. 
I have been on quite a lot flights before but never an 8 hour (or so) one. However I've been reading quite a lot of travel blogs lately and also I have some of my own must haves so here's what I would always take on a plane with me.

Personal Talk

Ello. It's weird posting again since I just uploaded a post yesterday. Still I feel the need to get this out there and ask for some help.

5SOS Sounds Live Feels Live

Hello. Hi. Hey. How are you? I'm incredibly good. In case you didn't know I have successfully passed all my A-Level exams with 2.5 on Friday and I'm buzzing.
But enough of that now I might talk about it more in another post I have planned. Today is all about 5sos and their current tour Sounds Live Feels Live. 
I was lucky to get Sound check tickets for their schow in Munich on the 16th June and I'd totally get pay the money again.

April Favourites

HELLO GUYS!!! How have you been these last few weeks? I've missed you all and this blog so much I can't even describe it. I'm nearly through with my exams but since the two ones left are oral exams I don't think I'll need another break so it's official I'M BACK!

Bye Bye (For Now)

Hey Guys. Happy April I hope you're enyoing this sunny and warm spring day. 
For me today is a sad day because of two reasons. 
#1 today's the last day of my spring break which means I'll have to go to school again tomorrow and #2, which is the worse one, this is the last post that I'll publish on here until at least the 9th May.
Believe me I really don't want to take a break but it's necessary. You might know that I'll be graduating this year but before that I have to take 5 last final exams. 3 of these will be between the 29th April and 6th May, meaning I only have 26 days left for revision. For anyone who's interested these are my written exams, German, Maths and English.

So in order to concentrate completely on them I have to take a break from blogging. I hope I can return after the 9th May however if not expect to hear from me on the 10th June since I'll be getting my results then. 

I never thought this would be so hard but blogging really got a part of me. I hope you can understand and won't forget me while I'm away. 

Anyway I'll miss this a lot but I'll be so happy when I graduate high school with a good result so I guess I can take a couple of weeks without blogging.

See you in hopefully 35 days.

lot of love

March Favourites

Hi there. You might have noticed a slight change and if not I have a new header, which I'm really proud of, as well as a blog button. 
However today it's time for another monthly favourites. It's not a lot this month mainly because I've got a lot of school/graduation stress. But let's start with the post.

The Best Pancakes You'll Ever Eat

Hi there! If you love pancakes and you know it clap your hands *claps hands really loud*. Quite recently I went through all my posts to find out which topics are most popular and I noticed that quite a lot of you love recipe posts.
So today I have another one for you. The best pancakes you'll ever eat. 

My Lipstick and Gloss Collection

 Hey ho everyone! On Friday I took to twitter and asked you what you'd like to read on here today and you choose my Lipstick/gloss collection. So without further ado let's dive right into this.

Getting My Makeup Fixed

Hiya!! I'm really really happy today. You might wanna know why so I'm just going to tell you. Because I've always had a problem with finding the right foundations and concealers so I don't turn out to be an orange in the end, I had Luis Huber do my makeup today and show me what I should and shouldn't do makeup wise.

February Favourites

Better late then never is like a motto of mine in some situations and today's one of them. I know it's already the 13th March so basically the middle and I still haven't done my February favourites. But the wait is over I finally got to sit down and start writing.

10 Things You Shouldn't Say To A Shy Person

Hey there. Long time no see well at least for a week. I'm so sorry for not posting on Wednesday at the moment I'm just really busy with school and driving lessons. I hope you can forgive me.
Anyways on Friday I celebrated the birthday of a friends friend of mine. We danced, laughed and in general had a great night. When I came home at around 2 I lay in bed and I just couldn't get some thoughts out of my head.

So I gathered 10 things you should never say to me or shy people in general (now I know not everyone's the same but these are the most common ones I could think of).

What's In My Bag - School Edition

Happy Birthday Live & Peaches

The day has finally come Live & Peaches is now officially one year old! I'm so happy right now. This time around last year I would've never thought I'd still continuously doing this and by now I wouldn't want to do anything else. 
Thank you all for this amazing first year. I reached goals I never thought I'd reach and all that because you read the absolute nonsense I'm sometimes writing on here.

Thank you so much and lots of love

PS: for the winner check out my twitter

The Liebster Award

Hey everyone. Last night I found out that Jordan from nominated me for the Liebster Award.
If you're like me and maybe heard about it but never actually knew what it's all about, here's how the whole thing will work:

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!! I hope you're having an amazing day. 
But now let's be honest Valentine's Day isn't any different to other days however to all my single friends out there here's what I'm doing on Valentine's Day for probably the last 3 years.

Current Reads

Hello there so we meet again on this fine Wednesday night. How was your day. Mine was great I only head two lessons in the morning and went shopping with my friends at 10am. That's so weird. Also I head my first ever theory lesson for my driving license today.

School is so busy right now and I hate that because I'm currently having a reading phase. Basically I love reading a lot at the moment so today I waned to talk about the books I'm currently reading. I know many people will say "why read multiple books at once" let me explain that. Whenever I'm near a bookstore I have to buy a book so obviously I end up owning lots who I haven't read yet. 

Just know that some of those books I haven't started yet, however there are two I'm reading parallel and one I've started but stopped because it's quite boring at the moment and can't get myself to start again. 
After that's clear now let's get into it.

MAC Makeup Review

How are you? My brain feels like the consistency of porridge (I know disgusting) but since I'm taking a maths course since Monday for 7 hours that's what I expected. Anyway let's talk about about MAC. After I got my first MAC lipstick back in January I've got some more things. So today I wanted to do a little review on my recent purchases.

36 Things On My Bucket List

Bucket Lists or Life Goals. I believe we all have them some more than others but we all have at least one. 
Goals are important so why not set some for your life. 
The following list has 36 of my biggest goals but keep in mind that they're in no order and it's not all of them. I could've made quite a bigger list but since I tend to be a weirdo in some ways I didn't want to include the weird ones.
So enjoy and let me know which goals we share or what your biggest goal in life is.

1. meet One Direction
2. meet Zoe Sugg
3. meet Joe Sugg
4. meet Alfie Deyes
5. meet 5SOS
6. visit Disneyland
7. visite the Universal studios in Orlando (nearly accomplished)
8. be first row at a concert
9. live abroad
10. make a youtube channel
11. visit New York (in a couple of months)
12. finish school with 1,...
13. own a concert-t-shirt collection
14. love my job

January Favourites

Hey there how are you doing? I'm currently listening to the '90's SMASH HITS' playlist on spotify and thinking about it I should've added it to this months favourites. Or wait no it's already February that means last months favourites. Anyway there are a few other things I've loved throughout the whole of January so let's get started!

Also just to let you know I have a giveaway running at the moment go have a look here

First Ever OOTD

A couple of weeks ago Boutique of Molly reached out to me asking if I'd be interested in blogging or them and after having a brows on their site and already having a lot of things I wanted to get I just had to say yes. 

I immediately feel in love with the 'Riha' crop top. Stripes and black and white how can you say no to that. 

A Cute Little Giveaway

A post? On a Friday? I know this is not usually a posting day but I have something special to share with you.
live & peaches will turn 1 soon so to celebrate this I thought I'd do a giveaway.

My 18th Birthday

Hey there how are you on this incredibly spring like Wednesday? I'm currently having a pretty bad cold so sorry this is a little late.
But anyway on Sunday I told you I would write about my 18th birthday and that's what I'm about to do so here we go.

18th Birthday Haul

It happened! I finally turned 18! 
And to celebrate that me and my best friend from the UK went shopping in Munich.
Obviously I got quite a variety of things and I wanted to share them with you on here.
For those of you who want to know what else I did on my birthday, stay tuned for Wednesday. I'll put up a post explaining what I did and what I got.

Blogging And A-Levels?

I don't think I'm the only blogger (I just referred to myself as a blogger that's weird) who's currently on their way to take on A-Level exams in about 3 months (at least for me). 
My friends asked me once how I manage to revise and do all my homework on time while keeping up a blogging schedule week after week.
To be honest it sounds quite difficult and like a lot of hard work but with the right strategies I is actually really easy, it's still hard work though don't get me wrong.

28 Questions

Hey there how are you all on this Monday? It's weird posting on a Monday but I really wanted to share this with you. 
My first blogging anniversary is coming soon and I thought in the past year I never actually introduced myself to you properly.
So here are some questions that will hopefully show you what kind of person I am.

Meet My Cats

Are you a cat or dog person? 

I think everyone has been asked this question at least once in his life.
I am 100% a cat person! Don't get me wrong I still love dogs but I would always choose a cat over a dog.

Since I can think I've always had a cat and today I want you to meet my two suneshines.


How are you all on this lovely but rainy sunday? I hope you're all still sticking with your new years resolutions.

My life right now is really confusing. I'm turning 18 in two weeks which means I have to take care of so many more things myself. Today I want to show you how I feel right now and hope you might have some advice to give everything a bit of structure again. However I'm not gonna describe everything to you in my own words, I have collected some of my favourite quotes to represent how I feel and hope you'll get what I mean.

quote, drowning, and life Bild

A Little Bit Of Everything | Haul

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope you all had a great start into 2016 and spend NYE with your loved ones or threw a massive party.
Either way I bet it was hell of a lot of fun.

I just quickly want to apologise for not posting on Sunday but I'm dealing with a lot of difficult personal stuff and I decided to concentrate on that first. However I will still try to put up something new twice a week.

But now let's talk about today. It's a Haul again.
My mum and I went shopping on Monday, mainly to try on some prom dresses, but as always I also got some other things.