12 Week Body Plan 2.0

Here I am sitting at home, my actual home in Munich, trying to get back into some kind of routine and getting used to seeing everything in German again.
I have to admit I've really missed Munich. It's just so much more chilled.

Anyways maybe you remember back in January I blogged about my experience with Danielle Peazer's 12 Week Body-Plan (click here if you have no clue what I'm talking about) and I mentioned in the beginning how I wanted to do it again but this time with a proper meal plan as I don't have to cook child friendly anymore. 
And I kept my promise as I'll be starting again next Monday. I have already signed up for the GYM in my area again because I've missed the Bodyweight classes so much and will have my first one tomorrow. You don't even know how excited I am for this.