Yearly Favourites

Is it just me or did 2015 go bye so quickly? This year had it's ups and downs and to be honest I can't wait for 2016.
Normally you would be reading a December Favourites now but since tomorrow is New Year's Eve I thought I'd show you my 2015 Favourites.

What I Got For Christmas

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and spend some quality time with the family wherever you are and that Santa got you everything you wanted.

PUR Concert

IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE EVE!!! I still can't believe how quickly this year went by. Also today has been my last day of school so I'm finally on winter break.

If you follow me on twitter you might have noticed that I went to a concert on Sunday. I got my mum the tickets for her birthday and she wanted me to come with her so I did.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

I hope you've done all your Christmas shopping because there are only four days left. FOUR DAYS!! Can you believe it the time's gone by so quickly. 

Now obviously you don't want to put the presents under the tree without any wrapping so I thought I would share my ideas with you. 
Usually I let my mum do the creative part when it comes to wrapping but not this year so if you're like me this might help you get inspired.

Lush Haul

A couple of days ago I did all my Christmas shopping and while I was in the city I just has to pop into Lush and check out all the lovely Christmas bath bombs and bubble baths they have at the moment.
I only got 3 things since there was so much going on in the shop and at one point I couldn't cope anymore.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Who of you loves fashion? I certainly do and that's why I took the chance to see some of Jean Paul Gaultier's creations  in Munich. All I can say is that it was amazing and wonderful.
This is all I'm going to say so enjoy the photos.

Favourite Christmas films

Happy second of advent only two more weeks till Christmas can you believe it?
During this time of year I think everyone has those films that they watch year after year after year. Kind of like a tradition.
Today I want to share my all time favourite Christmas films with you.

Chocolate Pralines

No this is not a baking post again however it still involves the boiling water, chocolate and the fridge. Yes you're right we're making chocolate pralines. It's been ages since I last made them and I totally forgot how much fun it is. All the snacking on the chocolate and possible fillings.

But let's get started. First of you want to get some silicone moulds I choose gingerbread men, candy canes and stars. 

November Favourites

Is it just me or did November just last like 5 days? I can't believe there are only 5 weeks left of 2015. Actually November is my least favourite month no idea why but I once heard that most people dislike November the most.
To be honest there weren't many things I absolutely loved this month, probably because of all the revision. However there still are some.

Christmas biscuit baking

Can you believe Christmas is in less then a month? Unless you celebrate on the 25th. And also it's the first of Advent on Sunday which officially allows me and I guess everyone who is quite traditional about Christmas, to eat Christmas biscuits. Of course I already made some last Saturday, I will however make two more kinds this Friday or Saturday because baking them is so much fun. You can listen to Christmas songs and sing along while the whole house smells of cinnamon, oranges, apples and chocolate and then there's the snacking. Every time some dough is left I just eat it and of course also every now and then while making it. Good times. We should do this the whole year through.

Today I wanted to share with you three of my most loved kinds out of the huge universe of Christmas biscuits.

Exam makeup routine

It's snowing ­čśŹ The trees and roofs I can see from my window are covered completely in snow. Finally it really feels like winter and especially Christmas. By the way yesterday my mum and I had our first Christmas biscuits baking session this year and they turned out incredible. The whole flat smells like cinnamon.

But on the downside Christmas and winter also mean exam time for me so there's not much time for Christmas shopping,
Christmas markets or just enjoying the holy spirit. 
Physics is next Tuesday and I am really nervous since I'll be taking it as one of my A-level exams. 
Speaking of exams I hate having makeup on while trying to concentrate and remember stuff during the exam especially because I tend to rub my eyes and face a lot. So makeup is a bad choice on those days. But I also don't want to go to school bare faced so I want to share my makeup routine for exam days.

Looking at all the drama that happened lately I hope you are save where you are at the moment. 
Originally I wanted to do a different post today but it doesn't feel right looking at what's happening in the world lately.
During the weekend I was already concerned because of the terror attacks in Paris but didn't really let it freak me out meaning I would still happily go shopping in the city or go the Christmas markets but now it changed. 
Yesterday they stopped the match between Germany and the Netherlands in Hanover because of a terror waring also they evacuated the whole main train station there because the police found a bomb. Seeing this on the news makes me feel really anxious now. 
I mean I never thought this would happen in Germany or close to me even but I do not live far from Munich and I'll be in the city on Friday for a Hockey game and then again on Saturday because my family and I are going out for dinner. 
If I'm completely honest I really don't want to go. I know that you shouldn't be afraid or show it because that's like letting the terrorists win but I can't keep that to myself. 
I really am afraid and I usually never am when it comes to things like this. Like when they said there we're attacks planned for the Oktoberfest I still went not thinking much about the risks I just wanted to have fun but now I don't know what to think anymore. I don't want this to end in another World War. 
Why can't we just live together in peace with everyone respecting each others religions and believes. Is this too much to ask for? 
We all believe in the same god don't we (actually I'm atheist but that doesn't matter)? So why can't we accept the fact that there are different ways of living and religions I mean why is it that 
Christianity, Islam and Judaism can't get along with each other in so many countries? 
Also here in Germany groups like PEGIDA now try to spread fear in the public and tries to turn everyone against the refugees but have you ever thought about the fact that those escaping to our countries are fleeing from the terror as well. Those are not the ones spreading terror here and no people from ISIL are not coming here with the refugees. 

I just can't believe all this is happening. I want to live in a world without war and I want my children to have the same opportunities to be free and travel everywhere they want in like 20 years so something so I really hope all politicians in the European Union get together and stop this because there hasn't happened much as far as I know, and I've been following the news for a long time now. 


lots of love

Made In The A.M. prelistening and first impressions

Friday was well how can I put it, it started out great and then turned into complete and utter horror.

As some of you might know there is this band called 'One Direction' and guess what they have a new album!! 

I was lucky enough to get tickets for a prelistening on Thursday and it was hella good you don't even know.


So yesterday the year 12s, which includes me, handed in their papers. You don't even know how good it felt and of course we had a massive party afterwards. 
We had a good laugh, drank a lot and went to bed way to late.
I had 3 hours of sleep in total and yes the whole year was incredibly hangover.

My Daily Skin Care Routine

How are you all on this beautiful November Sunday? I'm so released I finally finished my paper today. This is also the reason for the missing post on Wednesday (really sorry about this) but now it's done and I can fully concentrate on the blogging again. 
At first I wanted to do another first impressions about 'Get Weird' by Little Mix but since there was no post on Wednesday and it's the final of 'Das gro├če Backen' (it's similar to the great British bake off) is tonight there was not enough time. So I decided I'll do the original post from Wednesday.

October Favourites

It's November!! My least favourite month but hey Christmas is in 53 days. Today I have a new monthly favourite for you and I just want to quickly mention how proud I am about the background. I threw a Halloween party yesterday, a perfect opportunity to take pictures.

Surviving Exams

It's that time of the year again and I am already freaking out. Gladly mine are still 3 or 4 weeks away but still you can never start planning early enough. Last year during the two exam phases I managed to get between 9 and 13/15 points on every single exam.
Since all these points count towards my A-Levels I thought why not write my 'tricks and tips' down so I'll remember and maybe help some of you too.

Step one is something I did last year and already have done again, is marking all your exams on a calender and putting it up somewhere you see it every day, like over your desk or next to your dressing table. This is quite important since there won't be any surprises like I had yesterday when I found out I ha an ethics test today. Only because I didn't write it down. 

Step two: sort out your priorities. Basically I look at the exams and which subject is when and then I decide for what subjects I will need to study more than for others. Also get a planner if you haven't already and note done when to study for what exam. It will help you to stick to your revision.

Step three will be the actual revision. I always write down a summary of all the things we did in class, either in a notebook or revision cards, depends on how much I need to learn. And only by writing it down again you will already memorise quite a lot. Simple as that just make sure you're concentrated and don't watch TV or anything at the same time. Music is okay though just make sure it's a playlist that's not to distracting.

Step four is rewarding yourself every once in a while. Maybe go out and buy yourself something for a pamper night, like bath bombs from lush (I bought a lot of them) or go out with some friends for a coffee/tea and some cake. Just anything that makes you happy.

Now when it comes to exam day, let's say maths, it is important to go to bed early. On normal school days I go to bed at around 11ish but before exams I try to be ready by 9 and be asleep around 10 so that when I wake up I have had enough sleep and feel good. This will also help you keep your concentration up. 
Which leads me to another point I believe always important and that's staying hydrated while eating clean, without getting cravings between the meals. Make sure to always have a banana or something that gives you sugar but need some time to be digested because otherwise you will get a sugar rush and crave even more sugar. And during a 5 hour exam, like my German one, it's good to keep you stomach from starting to growl out loud.

Also one last massive point you shouldn't forget is to take some time off revising. Make sure you don't overwork yourself and take a bath some time or face masks or what ever keeps you relaxed.

I hope I helped you with these steps because they certainly did help me.

lots of love

5SOS 'Sounds Good Feels Good' First Impressions

Two post about music in a row? Really? Yesss!!! 5sos have finally released their second album 'Sounds Good Feels Good' and I couldn't resist the urge to do a first impressions
post. Yay exciting. Now of course I listened to the album before today since it came out on Friday but I still know all my reactions so let's dive into it. Here's also the spotify link if you want to listen to each song while reading.

Fall Out Boy Concert recap

It's time for another concert recap YAAAAAY. Who knows Fall Out Boy? I hope you do because they are amazing. 

Zoella's Funfetti Cupcakes

It's officially baking season!! And since I am not much of a fan of pumpkin I went and surfed the Internet for amazing baking recipes. Now guess what I found, yes that's right Zoella's Funfetti Cupcake recipe and since my mum's birthday was just around the corner why not make them as kind of a birthday cake.

Yankee Candle Collection

To quote Louis Tomlinson (with a slight change) 'If you like candles as much as I do, we're gonna get on real well'. The title gave it away today is a ll about yankee candles. I am actually a huge candle enthusiast but it's so hard to find those having the perfect smell. I wanted to share with you my four most loved ones. 

Daily Makeup Routine

Hey everyone how are you doing? Today I made a post I never actually considered before but today it kind of felt right to do so here we go, I present to you my daily makeup routine. I think it's obvious that I don't spend much time or money on makeup, probably because I'd rather watch people do different make up looks than do them myself :P. But let's get to business.

Opinion On Freelee The Banana Girl

Today's post is a little bit different. Yesterday I went on youtube watching Zoe's, Alfie's, Joe's and some other youtubers new videos. And you know how they sometimes recommend you videos to watch, well there was one from Freelee the banana girl. Some may know her some don't basically she is a vegan from Australia and claims so have lost all her extra weight and sustains her healthy lifestyle by eating 50 bananas a day and eats more or less raw. 

First of all eating this amount of bananas is in no way healthy (I asked the personal trainer of my dad) because of the amount of sugar in them. But coming back to the video. It's about Zoe aka Zoella (for those of you who don't know her) apparently being a hypocrite because she loves Nala but still eats meat.

September Favourites

Can you believe it's already October tomorrow. Why does time pass by so quick? But anyway as you may have guessed from the title I'm doing my September favourites today. Let me know if you love any of those items as much as I do.
And now without any further ado let's get into this.

Autumn Nail Polish Collection

When it comes to autumn some of us may tend to change their makeup routine or hair routine but except maybe for eyeshadow the only thing I change are nail polishes. I just feel like not every colour fits every season so I basically have a collection for winter, spring, summer and autumn. Today I wanted to show you my favourite ones to wear this time of the year so lets get started.

Zoella Beauty Review

Autumn has officially arrived and I am so excited for all the hot chocolates, teas, candles, cosy blankets and those many many warm baths (this reminds me I really need to pop into Lush).

As you may know a few weeks back I went to the UK and since we don't have superdrug here I obviously needed to go and buy some of Zoellas beauty products. I now kind of regret only buying the turquoise beauty eyes beauty bag and the Tutty Fruity Fizz Bar. Yup not enough at all.

Malta holiday recap

Hey Guys

I'm back!!! Yay finally I know it's been way too long. I still don't have my laptop back though :/ 

Today I wanted to do a little recap on my trip to Malta so lean back and get yourself a nice cup of tea.

First off I have to say that Malta is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to and you'll see why.

My journey through school

Hey Guys

Before I start with today's post I just wanted to let you all know that for the next 2 or 3 weeks I will probably not upload anything. Simply because I will be going on holidays to Malta for the next 2 weeks and after that school will start again right away for me. I hope you understand this.

Anyway talking about school this is quite an emotional and difficult topic for me at the moment. This next will be my last year of school EVER and that means lots of stress, trying to decide what to study or in general what to do next in my life and the fear of loosing contact to all my friends.

I can still remember my very first day of school and how we walked from church to school while me and my best friend at the time tried to guess what's in our 'Zuckert├╝ten'. There actually isn't a real translation to this in English so I'll try and explain it.

my top 3 holiday books

Hey Guys 

Today I thought about sharing with you my Top 3 books to read on while you're on holidays.
Reading is my favourite thing to do when I'm away because what else is there except for swimming and tanning and since my skin always skips the tanning part and moves straight to the sunburn I just like to lay in the sand with a good book. 
So let's start with the Top 3

Meeting my best friends again after one year

Hey Guys

Some of you are maybe in the same situation as I am and have a best friend or more in a different country. Now my three best friends happen to live in the UK while I am stuck here in Germany.

2013 I had the chance of staying in the UK for 4 months and go to school there. Obviously you make good friends, who you sadly have to leave after your time in their country is up.

Anyway last year my parents decided to go on a road trip though the UK and parts of Scotland which allowed me to meet up with my friends again. We had loads of fun what in the end just led to me being miserably sad after we left.

This year my parents got me a flight back to the UK and it was just last week when I used it to fly back.
First of all I had to travel from Munich to Manchester and then to Blackpool to the place one of my friends lives since I stayed with her. When I got there the first thing we did was having a little friends marathon until we decided to meet up with my other two friends in town.

IMPORTANT - your help is needed

Hey Guys

This is gonna be a not so typical post because...

I need your help and I need it badly. At my school we have to write a term paper during the summer holidays. 
Now my topic is 9/11 and it's impacts on firefighters. By that I mean those who were on duty during the attacks, so those who went into the twin tours or were outside helping. 
But another aspect of my topic is post traumatic stress syndrome and what the impacts are on the affected. 
You may now want to know why I need your help. 
Well I did A LOT of research on reports done by such firefighters who were diagnosed with ptsd after 9/11 but I couldn't find anything. 
So now I'm asking you, if you happen to be a firefighter and were diagnosed with ptsd or you happen to know someone who fits this criteria let me know and even if you don't know anyone please share this with friends, family, on your social media or whatever.

I'm currently working out a few questions, I'm trying use not more than 7, so you would just have to answer those and obviously be okay with me naming you and your answers in my paper.

If you have any further questions just send me an email ( or message me on google+

Please help and share this post. I really need those reports to write this term paper.

Thank you

lots of love

Exams, Youtube and Tollwood

Hey Guys

I've got good news today. I'll have my last exam for this year on Wednesday!!!! There are still 4 more weeks of school left tho but we have a one week choir trip as well as a 4 day holiday (more or less) in Prague.

Basically lots of things to blog about which leads me to another topic I wanted to talk about. 
For a couple of years I thought about creating a vlogging channel on youtube but I never the courage or confidence of actually doing it (and my life back then was way more boring then). Anyway last weekend I did some research on good cameras for vlogging and I thought about buying the Canon PowerShot S120. If any of you use or used this one let me know what you think about it or if you have any other suggestions, concerning cameras, I should have a look at. Thank you already ❤

Different question, since last week the weather has been ridiculously good here, we had temperatures of up to 40 degrees, is it so hot where you are too?
Since German summers don't usually last long we decided to go to Tollwood on Sunday.

They really do exist

Hey Guys

It's been quite a while since my last post. Exams are horrible they take over your life completely but now that I only have art and choir left I finally found time to blog again. 

Some might know that I'm a massive fan of One Direction and last year, when they announced they would be doing another tour called OTRA, I obviously had to get tickets. Since I live in Germany I was hoping they would come back here but they didn't.


Hey Guys

just to warn you already: I will be fangirling a lot in this post.

Some of you may know that 5sos are currently touring through Europe and guess where they were yesterday. They were in effing Munich omg and I still haven't realised I saw them live, like in real life.
So get some snacks and get yourself comfortable cos now is story time.

'I've been there from the start'

Hey Guys

In the past few days and even before that I came across some really mean, stupid and unnecessary comments (not on here), in which I get called a fake fan and that I would not belong to the 5sos fam solely because 'I wasn't there from the start.' (I joined the fam in Summer 2014).

If you don't know who 5sos are, they are an Australian band called 5 Seconds of Summer who started off on youtube and where the support act of One Direction in 2013 and 2014 during their Take Me Home - and Where We Are - Tour.

Back to the comments. I am honestly sick of those so called fans, who call others fake only because of a difference in WHEN they joined the fam. It doesn't make sense to me, like why would you be mean to someone who loves and supports the same band as you do? 

Something I noticed

Hey Guys

This week I've been thinking about this blog and how I am really getting into this whole blogging thing and the way it makes me happy but then i thought about my posts and to be honest the 'new music friday' thingy didn't quite turn out how I've imagined/hoped it would.
That was when I noticed that, without knowing it tho, I wasn't really doing 'my own thing' with this weekly series stuff. I mean I love to read those but so many bloggers do it and I don't want to be one of many I want to be like I really am and not try to fit in.
Basically i decided to forget about this series stuff and just keep on writing about things that happen to me during the week or topics I want to address. Anyways, in my first post I said I want this blog to be about music. And it will still be but also with a personal side. 
So yeah I just wanted to get this off me and let ya all know this.

lots of love xx

Having a plan and holidays

Hey Guys

First of all happy (belated) Easter. I know I'm late but I'm currently on holidays at the east cost of Germany, which is actually the reason why there haven't been any posts for almost 2 weeks now and I probz won't post anything till I'm back home on Sunday because the Internet here is rubbish (sorry).

But basically hat I wanted to tell you is that I'm planning something since this blog is turning into anything except for a music blog.
I really hope you'll like my idea and you'll get to see what it is soon.

Anyways since I'm on holidays I thought why not write something about this place and what I've done so far.

My world collapsed today

Hey Guys

I knew this day would come one day but not TODAY. 
An hour or so ago I went on twitter to check if anything happened and indeed something was going on. My whole timeline was spammed with people begging Zayn to stay in One Direction and how sad they were. 

At first I thought it was all just a sick joke or something but as soon as I had read Zayn's Statement on the band's official facebook page I knew this was real. From that moment it felt like my whole world collapsed. I don't know if any of you have ever been in such a situation but let me tell you it doesn't fell good to see your favourite band slowly breaking apart. 

My cute secret project

Hey Guys

I've had this idea about doing something nice for everyone at my school. Basically i wanted to hang up these 'Take what you need' sheets everywhere in the building and also stick some post-it's with cute quotes about beauty and life to the mirrors in the girls bathrooms.

So I sat down and tried to design my own flyes and collected some quotes. After some time I told one of my best friends about my plan and asked her to help me. 
We then decided to do the whole thing on the day of the solar eclipse (yesterday), which meant we had to hurry up a little. 

St.Patricks Day Parade

Hey Guys

Although St.Patricks Day isn't in another 2 days, I still went to the parade in town today. It's always on the Sunday before St.Patricks Day and let me tell you it's the closest you'll ever get to Ireland in Germany. 

We (my mum, dad, aunt, her husband and me) took the train into town at about 11:30. When we arrived they weren't allowed to sell Guinness yet so we basically just stayed near the "bar". 

A Truly Magical Night

Hey Guys

This is a little recap of the Sam Smith concert me and a friend of mine went to on Wednesday.

We went there about an hour before start which turned out to be a good decision since we ended up standing fourth row during the show. And it was the most amazing and heart touching concert I've ever been too.

Never would I have thought that I'd cry as soon as he comes on stage. But I did. More than once. He was worth the tears tho haha. 
Anyway.... after we got into the venue, it didn't take long till the whole room was filled with people.

Saint Raymond

picture by
Hey Guys

In November 2014 I went to see Ed Sheeran while he was on tour in Germany (I might do a post about this). He had two support acts, I can't really remember the name of the first one (sorry) and the second support act was called 'Saint Raymond'. (I actually wanted to use one of my own pictures but they all turned out to be completely blurry)

And believe me when I tell you he was AMAZING. I can't really explain it.
I guess he's one of those artist you just have to see live and experience their shows yourself so you can understand what I mean.
Basically, you were able to not only see but feel the effort and passion he put into his show.
Since then I've been kind of addicted to his songs. They are the most played ones on my iTunes and Spotify account.I will leave you the links below.

The start of something new

Music has always been really important to me.
When people ask me to explain what I feel whenever I listen to music I tell them 3 simple words: Happiness, Sadness and Love.

Before I tell you why I started this blog I want you to get to know me a bit.

To start off with, I consider myself as a not so typical teenager. 
What do I mean with this?
Well, unlike most of my friends I don't really go outside, go to parties nor am I trying to meet boys (I'm socially awkward), get drunk every Friday night or do whatever "typical" teenagers are doing.
I prefer to stay home and maybe have a marathon of a series I'm currently watching, curl up in my bed with a nice cup of tea, maybe some chocolate ice cream, and a good book (I found myself reading more often in the last couple of month.) OR something that is really typical for me and maybe some of you too, I just simply obsess over bands. Sometimes I cry or I just freak out over them and their music.