Guilt Free Biscuits

Who eats a whole pack of digestives in one sitting too? Because I certainly do all the time and feel pretty guilty afterwards. I swear once I've started I can't control myself anymore. 
So naturally I went online to find a biscuit recipe that's easy and healthy. And guess what I found it. I've made them twice now changing the recipe a little and I thought today I'd share my version of the little biscuits.

13 Thoughts About 13 Reasosns Why

Soooo... first of all I know I'm late with this but I just finished reading 13 Reasons Why after watching the whole series a second time and now I need to get my thoughts on the whole thing out into the world.

There'll potentially be spoilers in this post so if you haven't watched or read it yet... come back once you're done.

I've split this up into 13 different thought because why not and they're mainly one for each character but also general stuff so f you want to find out what I'm thinking just keep on reading.

Marked For Life - My Tattoo Experience

Hi Hello and Welcome back. 
Unless you're a friend of mine or belong to my family (thinking about it now I think my grandparents don't actually know either) you probably won't know that I have 3 tattoo by now. Obviously now do you because I just told you but I just thought I'd write about what it's like and why and what I decided to get.

I also asked one of my fellow Au Pair friends to write a little something about her experience and she was so kind to add pictures of her tattoos too.

Now I've thought about getting a tattoo probably for the past 5 years maybe and turning 18 last year made it finally possible.

Week 11 Recap

Hi there and welcome to week 12 but today I'm still talking about the last week. It wasn't actually that much mainly because I was the las week before Easter holidays started for my host child so obviously she came home earlier causing be to have less free time but I still managed to squeeze in all the workouts while finalising my UNI application. 

What's On My Netflix Watch List

Who doesn't like a good binging session once a week or in my case nearly every day. Oops. 
Anyway to have a good day to do some binge watching you need the right show (obviously) so today I'm sharing with you my Netflix watch list.