November Favourites

Is it just me or did November just last like 5 days? I can't believe there are only 5 weeks left of 2015. Actually November is my least favourite month no idea why but I once heard that most people dislike November the most.
To be honest there weren't many things I absolutely loved this month, probably because of all the revision. However there still are some.

Christmas biscuit baking

Can you believe Christmas is in less then a month? Unless you celebrate on the 25th. And also it's the first of Advent on Sunday which officially allows me and I guess everyone who is quite traditional about Christmas, to eat Christmas biscuits. Of course I already made some last Saturday, I will however make two more kinds this Friday or Saturday because baking them is so much fun. You can listen to Christmas songs and sing along while the whole house smells of cinnamon, oranges, apples and chocolate and then there's the snacking. Every time some dough is left I just eat it and of course also every now and then while making it. Good times. We should do this the whole year through.

Today I wanted to share with you three of my most loved kinds out of the huge universe of Christmas biscuits.

Exam makeup routine

It's snowing 😍 The trees and roofs I can see from my window are covered completely in snow. Finally it really feels like winter and especially Christmas. By the way yesterday my mum and I had our first Christmas biscuits baking session this year and they turned out incredible. The whole flat smells like cinnamon.

But on the downside Christmas and winter also mean exam time for me so there's not much time for Christmas shopping,
Christmas markets or just enjoying the holy spirit. 
Physics is next Tuesday and I am really nervous since I'll be taking it as one of my A-level exams. 
Speaking of exams I hate having makeup on while trying to concentrate and remember stuff during the exam especially because I tend to rub my eyes and face a lot. So makeup is a bad choice on those days. But I also don't want to go to school bare faced so I want to share my makeup routine for exam days.

Looking at all the drama that happened lately I hope you are save where you are at the moment. 
Originally I wanted to do a different post today but it doesn't feel right looking at what's happening in the world lately.
During the weekend I was already concerned because of the terror attacks in Paris but didn't really let it freak me out meaning I would still happily go shopping in the city or go the Christmas markets but now it changed. 
Yesterday they stopped the match between Germany and the Netherlands in Hanover because of a terror waring also they evacuated the whole main train station there because the police found a bomb. Seeing this on the news makes me feel really anxious now. 
I mean I never thought this would happen in Germany or close to me even but I do not live far from Munich and I'll be in the city on Friday for a Hockey game and then again on Saturday because my family and I are going out for dinner. 
If I'm completely honest I really don't want to go. I know that you shouldn't be afraid or show it because that's like letting the terrorists win but I can't keep that to myself. 
I really am afraid and I usually never am when it comes to things like this. Like when they said there we're attacks planned for the Oktoberfest I still went not thinking much about the risks I just wanted to have fun but now I don't know what to think anymore. I don't want this to end in another World War. 
Why can't we just live together in peace with everyone respecting each others religions and believes. Is this too much to ask for? 
We all believe in the same god don't we (actually I'm atheist but that doesn't matter)? So why can't we accept the fact that there are different ways of living and religions I mean why is it that 
Christianity, Islam and Judaism can't get along with each other in so many countries? 
Also here in Germany groups like PEGIDA now try to spread fear in the public and tries to turn everyone against the refugees but have you ever thought about the fact that those escaping to our countries are fleeing from the terror as well. Those are not the ones spreading terror here and no people from ISIL are not coming here with the refugees. 

I just can't believe all this is happening. I want to live in a world without war and I want my children to have the same opportunities to be free and travel everywhere they want in like 20 years so something so I really hope all politicians in the European Union get together and stop this because there hasn't happened much as far as I know, and I've been following the news for a long time now. 


lots of love

Made In The A.M. prelistening and first impressions

Friday was well how can I put it, it started out great and then turned into complete and utter horror.

As some of you might know there is this band called 'One Direction' and guess what they have a new album!! 

I was lucky enough to get tickets for a prelistening on Thursday and it was hella good you don't even know.


So yesterday the year 12s, which includes me, handed in their papers. You don't even know how good it felt and of course we had a massive party afterwards. 
We had a good laugh, drank a lot and went to bed way to late.
I had 3 hours of sleep in total and yes the whole year was incredibly hangover.

My Daily Skin Care Routine

How are you all on this beautiful November Sunday? I'm so released I finally finished my paper today. This is also the reason for the missing post on Wednesday (really sorry about this) but now it's done and I can fully concentrate on the blogging again. 
At first I wanted to do another first impressions about 'Get Weird' by Little Mix but since there was no post on Wednesday and it's the final of 'Das große Backen' (it's similar to the great British bake off) is tonight there was not enough time. So I decided I'll do the original post from Wednesday.

October Favourites

It's November!! My least favourite month but hey Christmas is in 53 days. Today I have a new monthly favourite for you and I just want to quickly mention how proud I am about the background. I threw a Halloween party yesterday, a perfect opportunity to take pictures.