Bye Bye (For Now)

Hey Guys. Happy April I hope you're enyoing this sunny and warm spring day. 
For me today is a sad day because of two reasons. 
#1 today's the last day of my spring break which means I'll have to go to school again tomorrow and #2, which is the worse one, this is the last post that I'll publish on here until at least the 9th May.
Believe me I really don't want to take a break but it's necessary. You might know that I'll be graduating this year but before that I have to take 5 last final exams. 3 of these will be between the 29th April and 6th May, meaning I only have 26 days left for revision. For anyone who's interested these are my written exams, German, Maths and English.

So in order to concentrate completely on them I have to take a break from blogging. I hope I can return after the 9th May however if not expect to hear from me on the 10th June since I'll be getting my results then. 

I never thought this would be so hard but blogging really got a part of me. I hope you can understand and won't forget me while I'm away. 

Anyway I'll miss this a lot but I'll be so happy when I graduate high school with a good result so I guess I can take a couple of weeks without blogging.

See you in hopefully 35 days.

lot of love