Having a plan and holidays

Hey Guys

First of all happy (belated) Easter. I know I'm late but I'm currently on holidays at the east cost of Germany, which is actually the reason why there haven't been any posts for almost 2 weeks now and I probz won't post anything till I'm back home on Sunday because the Internet here is rubbish (sorry).

But basically hat I wanted to tell you is that I'm planning something since this blog is turning into anything except for a music blog.
I really hope you'll like my idea and you'll get to see what it is soon.

Anyways since I'm on holidays I thought why not write something about this place and what I've done so far.

We're staying in a little flat really close to the beach. When I look outside the window I can see, smell and hear the sea. To be honest there isn't much you can do here. The only things we've done are walks on the beach. 
Yesterday we walked to another town along the beach. 

And by the way I found a Yankee Candle shop there !!! To understand my excitement about this you have to know that I am OBSESSED with Yankee Candles but the problem is, we don't have the shops in Germany and buying the candles online would cost way too much. 
So yeah now you know why I was so excited when I saw the shop.

Today we did the same but in the other direction. 
It took us 4 hours and ndow that I'm back home in the flat I feel like I could fall asleep immediately. 

Tomorrow me might go for a swim at the local swimming pool in case the weather turns out to be all rainy and windy.

lots of love xx

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