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It's been quite a while since my last post. Exams are horrible they take over your life completely but now that I only have art and choir left I finally found time to blog again. 

Some might know that I'm a massive fan of One Direction and last year, when they announced they would be doing another tour called OTRA, I obviously had to get tickets. Since I live in Germany I was hoping they would come back here but they didn't.

Best Song Ever
Instead there was either Vienna or Brussels that were the closest cites to my hometown. Vienna was on a Wednesday and surely I would've never imagined my mum and dad actually allowing me to go to the show in Vienna especially because that meant I would have to stay there in a hotel and get a train ticket which then lead to skipping school for TWO DAYS!!!!! 

Some people might not understand why I would skip school on Wednesday when the concert starts at 6:30pm and the train takes 4 hours to Vienna from where I live but I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the standing area along the middle section of the stage. 

You & I

But to begin with this memorable day I had to get up at 5:30 in the morning so we wouldn't miss our train (my mum went to Vienna with me t´so I wouldn't get lost what nearly happened anyway) which was set to leave around 7. Obviously I hadn't slept much the night before so I tried to get some sleep on the train. When we arrived in Vienna it was 11:30 and my mum and I headed straight to Harry's home so I could get changed and take the bus from there to the stadium. 

It was 12 when I started lining up for my section after I spend about 85 euros on merch OOPS anyway, there were already so many girls there and I started to feel a bit sad because this meant I wouldn't be able to get really close to the stage (I ended up in line 7 or smth which is inedible tbh). 

The line was split in sections and we all got wristbands so we wouldn't be able to just switch the lines and get further to the entry. Around 3:15 they started letting people in and that was exactly when total chaos broke out. The barriers guiding the way got run and everyone was just pushing and some where even punching other girls. 

Inside the arena I was line 20 and couldn't see a single bit of the stage except the big screens on the sides. But after McBusted came on at 6:30 I had moved to line seven and was able to see most of the stage.

The boys came on at 8:20 and that was when I realised they were actually real. I know it sounds weird but I bet everyone who is a fan of an artist who is constantly in the media has this feeling when they finally see them in real life and not through photos or videos. 

Let me tell you I cried a lot (I'm crying right now because stupid pcd). Every time Niall had a solo I lot my chill, every time Liam stopped on our side I screamed my lungs out. In general we sang along so loud. 

Louis and Liam said it was the loudest Little Things they've ever done. And all the boys kept thank us and told us how much they appreciate everything we've done for them. Louis even said Vienna was one of best shows he has done in a long time. In general they all seemed so happy and energetic. 

By the way in betweet the songs we chanted 'No Control' because we really wanted to her it and at one point Niall started playing it and literally the whole stadium went mental until he stopped and Liam laughed. 

But yeah I was so happy I saw them and heard their beautiful voices live again after two years.

(I was still pissed about them playing No Control and 18 live in Brussels only 3 days later tho)

Basically this will forever be the best concert I've ever been to (unless I'll see them in concert again one day) simply because I love them so much and they have done so much for me. I couldn't even think about leaving this fandom it just means too much to me.

lots of love

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