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just to warn you already: I will be fangirling a lot in this post.

Some of you may know that 5sos are currently touring through Europe and guess where they were yesterday. They were in effing Munich omg and I still haven't realised I saw them live, like in real life.
So get some snacks and get yourself comfortable cos now is story time.

To start from the beginning I was invited to a whatsapp group about 11 months ago, full of people who were also planning on going to the concert. Of course we all grew really close friends. I mean what more could you wish for as someone, who's friends have never even heard from 5sos before? 

As soon as the date came closer we were sure we wanted to meet each other. 

Now to the actual concert day. I woke up at 8 am after about a 4 to 5 hour sleep. Surprisingly I was in no way tired. Anyways after i got up I did the usual getting ready procedure but when it came to breakfast and eating something I couldn't get myself to eat. Even though I had to otherwise I might have fainted. Trying to get some food in my stomach took me quite some time.

I went to get the train straight after breakfast. That was around 11:30. Making a bad decision as always I decided to put on LIVESOS which nearly made me scream of excitement. 

I knew one girl from the group would already be there so after I arrived at the venue at 12:30 I tried looking for her. 
We found each other rather quickly and it didn't take long for two others to join us. 

With no idea what to do we went to have a look around the arena to maybe find a way in. We didn't but it was still fun walking/running around screaming and laughing.

Around 1 pm we met 4 other girls from group and decided to line up for some merch. Obviously we also took some pictures.

I don't know if you know who Hey Violet is but basically they're 5sos' support act on tour. But anyway they set up an acoustic hangout outside the arena at 2 pm and of course we couldn't resist going there as well. And it worth it. We had so much fun and their vocal are AMAZING. I swear if they ever come to Munich again I will make sure I'll get tickets to see them live again.

Okay so after the hangout we thought we should probably line up really soon so we could be inside as one of the first people. 
Sitting there on the floor in line we suddenly heard some music coming from inside and figured it would be the boys having their sound check so we sang along really loudly. I think they must have heard us.

Moving on we took many more pictures and had a laugh about everything and anything. 

I'll skip some parts now. 

Before Hey Violet started me and two friends were standing at boundary dividing the normal seats from the arena floor seats and since me and one other girl had kinda shitty seats we asked a woman from the security if we could have the seats next to us, which by the way were first row and about 5m away from the stage, in case no one sat there after the support act. And guess what, SHE SAID SAY. I really had to control myself not to scream at that very moment.

Hey Violet started their show between 6:30 and 7 I think and it was about half an hour. So after they were done I grabbed my bags and literally ran down the hall to the seats we asked the security woman about and they were still free. 
Me and my friends put our stuff on them and then went to look for the woman to tell her about us switching the seats. She was smiling at us the whole time till 5sos were on and seemed to be really happy for us after we showed her our original seats.

5sos came one at 8 I guess and as soon as the countdown showed up I was done. Like I wasn't crying or anything but I was just so excited and screaming and jumping and smiling and omg. 
I was jumping and dancing the whole time. 

Voodoo Doll


But I must say I actually cried. Especially during Disconnected because it's basically my favourite song and I realised for the first time that Michael, Luke, Ashton and especially Calum were actually just 5m away from me singing on that stage. The second song I cried to was Wrapped around your finger simply because I was still in that crying mood :P and the last time I cried was during Amnesia but I always shed a tear during this song so that was no surprise at all. And omg Calum looked so good like what the hell ❤

But yeah apart from that I was having the time of my life I was dancing like crazy, the most during Rejects, WILAY, Permanent Vacation and American Idiot.

All in all I was sweating like hell and I even crashed against the seat and the boundaries haha :D 

Oh wait I nearly forgot this, I wore a self-made shirt saying 'lol ur not calum hood' and when Luke came on Michael's side where I was standing he looked at me I guess with a kinda confused look in his face and idk if it was about my shirt but if it was I find it really amusing.

After the concert ended I looked like I just came out of the shower because I was so wet but I was smiling and still shaking and this is one of the best feelings I get from concerts. 
On my way home I then slowly realised that it was actually over. Like all the time waiting for them to come to Munich and to see them live for nothing compared to the time the concert lasted and right now I'm trying not to cry remembering everything from yesterday. 
Soooo this was what happened yesterday. If you go to any of the upcoming shows please enjoy ur self. I bet I was looking like the biggest idiot in the arena dancing, singing and jumping around but I don't care because it was all worth it making this night the best of my life so far.

On a little side note I actually saw One Direction on the same day but two years ago for the first time. I can officially say I saw two of my favourite bands on the same day!! HA I bet not many people can say that.
17.05 BEST DAY EVER!!!

okay so I'll go calm myself down now again so bye.

lots of love

please give credit if you use any of the pictures above my twitter is @hxodfthoran

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