Second Stop Washington DC

Next stop on our holiday was Washington DC. I have to say one of my least favourite stops we had. Simply because for me it was more of memorial separated in small memorials rather than a city. However the little apartment we had was so cute and also the neighbourhood was really nice. I'm not used to seeing so much patriotism since we (here in Germany) always get told "Don't show too much pride in your country you know what happened in the past". I believe the part we lived in was Mount Pleasant but don't quote me on that. 

Anyway more about what we did. So we took the train from NYC to DC and it was raining that day but still it was warm so we decided to go to the Capitol in the evening for the 4th of July fireworks and the show. It was so incredible I've never experienced something like this before and I was so happy we didn't miss out on that one.
The next day we booked a 48 hours ticket for these bus tours since we thought this would be the best way to get to all the memorials. 
That day we went to the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and all the war memorials and the White House, we couldn't go as near to the front as usual because Obama was flying in and out that day. For dinner we went to Ben's Chili Bowl and I swear this was the best Chili I ever had. Also Chili Cheese Fries are amazing. They need to expand to Germany seriously though.

On day two we did a bus tour to Arlington, not the cemetery though because we didn't have enough time sadly. We did however visit the Roosevelt Memorial, which was amazing one of my favourites I have to say. And the Martin Luther King Memorial as well. After that we took a trip to the Holocaust Museum and even though it was really touching and informative I still need to sent an email to them about some things. 
Like for example they had the forbidden verse of our national anthem playing but there was no sign saying it's forbidden which made me a little angry since that could make people believe we still have that racist and antisemitic verse today even though we don't. There are some other things I want to write them about but I'm not explaining them here.
Anyway it was still pretty good and we all got to take kind of a passport thingy which had information on someone who got send to a KZ.

Day three only consisted of me and my dad getting the car we rented, learning how to refuel in America (damn you guys that's complicated when your credit card isn't from the US) and then driving to Kitty Hawk for the night.

All in all I would rather want to live in NYC then DC.

lots of love 

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