First Stop New York City

Hey there I hope you had a great holiday or will have a great one if you've not been on one yet. If you follow me on my insta or twitter you will know that I've been to the US east cost and traveled down south for 3 weeks. So because I love traveling and reading travel posts I thought of starting a little series on my trip. Each post will be about a different city and what I did there. So let's get right into it.

Our first stop was New York City. First of all the flight was the most stressful one I've been on so far. We had to change lanes at Heathrow and we nearly missed it because the first plane was too late at the airport. So after we made it last minute the rest of the flight consisted mainly of eating and watching films. We got so much food I felt really sick when we got to the hotel. 
Anyway after we arrived at the hotel we stayed there for about an hour to get some rest and get dressed properly. Also our hotel was like right in central Manhattan. It was a 5-10 minute walk to the Times Square and Broadway.

The rest of the day we went to Broadway, 5th avenue and up on the Rockefeller Centre at night which was pretty darn cool.

The next day we did a 9/11 walking tour and it was really touching but also amazing because our tour guide made it really personal with telling us how he experienced the attacks. After that we went to the Observatory in the Freedom Tower and this time we saw the city in daylight. After that we walked through China Town, Little Italy and Soho. And to be honest it wasn't what I had expected at all. Especially China Town. I thought it would be more like the one in London but it wasn't at all. 

On day three we walked through Central Park and when I say walked through I mean from top to bottom. After that we were pretty worn out so we just went to Times Square and Hardrock Cafe and the huge Victoria's Secret. I didn't buy anything there though because it was just too much to choose from. 
In the evening we went on a ferry going past the Statue Of Liberty. The view was gorgeous especially because of the sunset that was happening.

Day four and the final day consisted of us walking through High Line Park in the morning and then taking the subway to Brooklyn. Doing some exploring and before we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan we stopped at Junior's for a piece of their incredible Cheesecake. I had Devil's Food Cheesecake and it was delicious. Really suggest that if you go to New York you'll try their Cheesecake.
In the evening we also went to Central Station for dinner and to take some pictures.

The following day we took a train to Washington DC and since it was 4th July everyone was wearing Red Blue and White. But I'll talk about this in the next post. 

Also on a side one travel wise is taking the subway in NYC the best way. It's fast and a lot cheaper than taxis and if you buy a MetroCard you just put on the amount of money you'll need for the time being there and you just swipe it every time you enter the subway.
I wish we had that system in Munich to. It's so much easier and cheaper.

If you've been to NYC yet tell me what your favourite thing you saw was.

lots of love

PS: pls credit me if you use any of these photos thx


  1. I'd like to visit New York! You've an amazing blog, wanna follow each other?:)

  2. Loved this post! I'm going to New York in June next year so this has given a few ideas on where to visit!! Xx