Zoella Beauty Review

Autumn has officially arrived and I am so excited for all the hot chocolates, teas, candles, cosy blankets and those many many warm baths (this reminds me I really need to pop into Lush).

As you may know a few weeks back I went to the UK and since we don't have superdrug here I obviously needed to go and buy some of Zoellas beauty products. I now kind of regret only buying the turquoise beauty eyes beauty bag and the Tutty Fruity Fizz Bar. Yup not enough at all.

I believe it was last week when I decided to try the Fizz Bar for the first time and thought why not write a review on it. And that's exactly what I'm gonna do now.

So first of all I never actually used something that says 'fizz' on the product so I didn't quite know what to expect. I'm still not sure if what happened was supposed to happen or if it was supposed to be more spectacular. Anyways the scent was something I loved the most. Incredibly fresh like spring flowers (not really autumnal though) but not too strong it was rather held back and acted more like a background scent, if that even is a thing. I feel like it really helped to relax.
For those of you who don't know what the bar looks like without the rapping, it's like a chocolate bar so every time you want to use a 'fizzer' you just have to break off a little piece and throw it in your bath tube.

look at that cute Z on there 
Now as I said already I never ever used a 'fizzer' before but basically if you're looking for something exciting to happen in the water like bath bombs then the Fizz Bar might not be the thing you're looking for. 
A few little bubbles appeared after I put it in the bath but that's all. It did make the water turn a slightly milky white colour which looked really pretty though.
One last thing I noticed it that it leaves a silk like feeling on your skin and it worked like a moisturiser as well because the day after my legs were really soft and I usually have skin as dry as the desert.

All in all I'm happy that I bought it and would definitely recommend it to anyone who asks me whether they should buy it or not. For sure going to buy it again if I get the chance.

lots of love

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