Autumn Nail Polish Collection

When it comes to autumn some of us may tend to change their makeup routine or hair routine but except maybe for eyeshadow the only thing I change are nail polishes. I just feel like not every colour fits every season so I basically have a collection for winter, spring, summer and autumn. Today I wanted to show you my favourite ones to wear this time of the year so lets get started.

Number one is by essie and it's called 'Parka Perfect'. It's a slightly darker pastel blue with a hint of glitter. It's perfect for when the weather isn't quite too cold yet so you can still wear those gorgeous cardigans outside without freezing.

Number two is also by essie called 'Perennial Chic'. This one is a kind of peachy nude colour and nude always works so that's why I put it the autumn collection.

Number three is called 'Petal Pushers', also essie. Now this one is a rather grayish blueish colour. It's a really decent colour and goes perfectly with all those autumnal colours.

Number four is by flormar in the shade 128. On the picture it looks really pinkish but it's actually a nice rich red and that's why this why I can't miss out on it during this time. I don't usually wear a lot of read nail polish but during fall it just feels right. Maybe because it reminds me of a nice warm fire.

Number 5 is, who would have thought, by essie named 'Mochachino', what a cute name. This one actually is one of my most loved nail polishes because it has that nice brown/mud colour with glitter which makes it perfect for when you're going out as well as just casually during the week. I think this is by far the best one essie has ever made. Basically the perfect autumn colour.

Moving on to number 6 it's getting a lot darker. As you can see another one by essie (I swear I didn't know I owned so many essie nail polishes until today, 12 plus the 25 my mum has in her shop omg 👀) called 'Bobbing For Baubles'. It's similar to number three but a lot darker. it still is a mixture of gray and blue but in this case there's a bit more blue than gray. A quite settled one making me feel really cosy .

Number 7 and the last actually colour is by Faby and it's called 'For Sure, Yes!'. The darkest one actually. A nice midnight blue, you could get confused after you put on because it can look a lot like black in some situations. But still a beautiful dark nail polish. 

Number 8 is a nail polish every girl should own I believe because it's perfect for when you don't have time to paint your nails properly but you don't want to leave them blank so you just put clear nail polish on and they will look shiny and even a bit healthier if you're like me and easily get chipped nails. Mine is by Rimmel London

Moving on to Top Coats. The best one I've had by now, and believe me I tried a many, is the 'Good To Go' Top Coat/Finition by essie. It helps the colour stay on without getting chipped on the edges of your nails for at least 4 days straight and up to 7 days depending on what you're doing. 

The second one is the L'Oréal Paris Color Riche 'Matte'. I have to admit that this one may have a great matte effect on your nails (especially on number 6 and 7) but it doesn't last long. My nails usually get shiny again after about 2 to 3 days. If you are on a budget (as I am) though this is still a good product comparing the price and quality especially because I know that a lot of really expensive ones aren't as good as you would expect for the money you spent on them.

So this was my little autumn nail polish collection. Do any of you have those colours you only 'wear' at a certain time of the year? Please say you do because I feel like I'm the only one who does this.

lots of love

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