Malta holiday recap

Hey Guys

I'm back!!! Yay finally I know it's been way too long. I still don't have my laptop back though :/ 

Today I wanted to do a little recap on my trip to Malta so lean back and get yourself a nice cup of tea.

First off I have to say that Malta is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to and you'll see why.

During the first week we couldn't have had better weather. It had about 34 degrees which made relaxing by the beach even better. Now if you've been to Malta before you may know that you need to go down a few stairs before actually reaching the sea but once you've done this the beautiful colour of the water and sand will blow your mind. 

Paradise bay was my personal favourite. The clear blue water and white sand made me want to go there every day so paradise bay really deserves it's name.

Now because I went on holiday with my parents we also did some exploring in cities like Valletta or Slima. Which wasn't so bad at all. Best part was the Costa we found in Valletta. Yes I know it's weird but there is no Costa in Germany so every time I see one abroad I need to get something immediately. Basically I'm obsessed with Costa.
The museums we visited were rather not so nice. Obviously we got some audio guides which didn't make it better but worse. Long story short they were talking too much so I nearly fell asleep.

Saw Shakespear in a church
Talking about all those museums, most of them only happened because on the first weekend it started raining. But not just a little. No it went down hard core like it hadn't rained in like 2 months. Also this caused the weather during week two to be rather chilled then hot. Not cold though.

But anyway we did one more thing during week one. One of the best things ever because we went to a bay no one except a gay (i suppose) couple where at and it was legit so cool. Anyone else who knows those insta post where they're the beach completely alone and no one else in sight? That's exactly what I felt like when we went there.

Now week two was kinda like week one except the weather had us do even more exploring. One day we went to a fish market the other day we visited some temples, those were mind blowing btw.
But other than that going to the beach was the thing we did most.

Something not quite different but still. Who knows 'Friends'? Probably everyone. A few weeks back when I met my best friends again I went to primark and got myself a shirt with the Central Perk logo. I packed this shirt not knowing that near our apartment in Malta there was a cafe/restaurant called 'Central Perk' and now you can imagine my reaction when I found out about this. I literally begged my parents to go there for dinner and in the end we went twice. I have to say though it's not like the cafe in 'Friends' but still it was really really good so if you happen to be in Malta any time soon make sure to pay a visit.

Anyways I hope you liked this little recap. Before I go I wanted to know if any of you would like me to do product reviews on makeup or any other beauty stuff or if there is anything else you'd like me to do let me know.

lots of love

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