36 Things On My Bucket List


Bucket Lists or Life Goals. I believe we all have them some more than others but we all have at least one. 
Goals are important so why not set some for your life. 
The following list has 36 of my biggest goals but keep in mind that they're in no order and it's not all of them. I could've made quite a bigger list but since I tend to be a weirdo in some ways I didn't want to include the weird ones.
So enjoy and let me know which goals we share or what your biggest goal in life is.

1. meet One Direction
2. meet Zoe Sugg
3. meet Joe Sugg
4. meet Alfie Deyes
5. meet 5SOS
6. visit Disneyland
7. visite the Universal studios in Orlando (nearly accomplished)
8. be first row at a concert
9. live abroad
10. make a youtube channel
11. visit New York (in a couple of months)
12. finish school with 1,...
13. own a concert-t-shirt collection
14. love my job
15. have a successful blog
16. meet Danielle Peazer
17. make my parents proud
18. fly first class at least for once 
19. have friends all over the world
20. dye my hair green/blue
21. travel across the whole world
22. write a book
23. live in London or Brighton for at least a year
24. keep my best friends from high school
25. find the person to spend the rest of my life with
26. speak with a british accent (legit so proud of that accomplishment)
27. become a mum
28. speak a third language fluently 
29. swim with dolphins
30. go on holidays with friends
31. have a small tattoo
32. go on a road trip
33. tell a taxi driver to follow a certain car
34. learn how to surf
35. overcome my fears
36. meet Selena Gomez

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