MAC Makeup Review

How are you? My brain feels like the consistency of porridge (I know disgusting) but since I'm taking a maths course since Monday for 7 hours that's what I expected. Anyway let's talk about about MAC. After I got my first MAC lipstick back in January I've got some more things. So today I wanted to do a little review on my recent purchases.

Let's start with foundations. I always had trouble finding the perfect match to my skin and don't even get me started on the ones turning orange. So I went into the MAC store in Munich and asked them for help and the girls there were so lovely and answered all the questions I had. The trip ended with me leaving with the Studio Fix Fluid in their lightest shade. It's matte and you can build it up really good plus it doesn't turn orange or darker the more I use. The smell however.... you have to get used to it but other than that I think the Studio Fix foundations are great.

The same day I also got a cute little mascara for when your out and about. It's the False Lash Extreme Black mascare and oh god it's amazing. Every time I use it my lashes feel so soft and they look full, long and they're not clumped with mascara. And the size is perfect to carry with you in your handbag.

If you saw my birthday haul you'll know that the first ever makeup (apart from lipsticks) I purchased from MAC was the Studio Finish Concealer in NW15. Again same problems as with foundation the concealers I've used before were either not the perfect match to my skin tone or they turned out orange and also the coverage was never how I wanted it to be. But after using the MAC concealer for a couple of weeks now I can't even imagine going back to using my old ones again. You just need a tiny bit of product to have a maximum of coverage on any red spots. I absolutely love it and since it's more of a cream than a fluid it's really easy to blend and the application is super simple (I always use my fingers).

As you can probably tell I'm really impressed with MAC so far. Maybe I'll try out some more in the near future. 
What's your go to makeup item (can be any brand)?

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lots of love

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  1. I love Mac concealers, I swear by the mac prolongwear concealer! I haven't ever tried a foundation from them though, its on my wish list though! Great post x