January Favourites

Hey there how are you doing? I'm currently listening to the '90's SMASH HITS' playlist on spotify and thinking about it I should've added it to this months favourites. Or wait no it's already February that means last months favourites. Anyway there are a few other things I've loved throughout the whole of January so let's get started!

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Happy Plugs. I love love love them. Even though I had to get used to the normal headphones (no in ears) again their sound quality is amazing. To block out any sounds from your surrounding you need half the volume you'd need with apple headphones and the sound is so clear. Oh god I could go on and on but you just have to see for yourself. I got mine in rose gold but there is literally ever colour you could wish for on their website so go check that out you'll love them. Oh and they do in ears as well.

 Next up is a candle I've been loving since my birthday. It's from '&other stories' and I swear I'm trying not to let it burn to long since it was on the rather price side for candles. The scent is mind blowing I wish you could smell it. It's really fresh and watery (?), it always reminds me of the sea and the grass near the beach. I'm actually sniffing it right now, it's like I'm addicted.
If you have a &other stories close to you give it a sniff next time you're there.

Books. I love reading but there's just never enough time especially now with exams and A-Levels coming up. But lately I've been reading 'To kill a mockingbird' a lot. It kind of swallows you as soon as you start reading and it's amazing. One of the best books I've read so far.

This has been one of my birthday presents and I've been wearing it since. I mean what can I say about a watch. It feels really nice and the rose gold -heart eye emoji-. Love it love it love it.

LIPSTICKS. It has only been recently that I went absolutely mad on lipsticks. I may only have 3 at the moment but oh dear never let me go into a MAC store without someone to hold me back. This one is 'Bombshell'. So decent but still red/pink. Perfect for an everyday look. Also now that we're at it what are good nude liquid lipsticks?

If you read the post about my 18th Birthday you'll know that I got one of Tanya Burr's lip glosses. I believe it's called 'afternoon tea' and it smells like watermelon. Legit watermelon. I could eat it to be honest. Anyway it stays on really well compared to other lip glosses and colour is so pretty. 
It's such a shame I can't get any other products from Tanya in Germany.

Last but not least another nail polish. If you've been following my blog since nearly the start you'll know that I have quite a big collection of essie nail polishes and now it has another addition. It's called 'Chinchilly' and has a stone grey shade. It looks quite good on pale skin I'm not sure what it's like on darker skin.

And as per usual here is the monthly favourites playlist for January. I hope you enjoy it let me know what your favourite song out of all of them is.

lots of love


  1. I love the Tanya Burr lip glosses. I haven't tried Afternoon Tea but it looks so pretty! x

    Jordan Alice

  2. Great picks! Everything seems so lovely. I definitely need those Happy plugs now!

    Be | lovefrombe