April Favourites

HELLO GUYS!!! How have you been these last few weeks? I've missed you all and this blog so much I can't even describe it. I'm nearly through with my exams but since the two ones left are oral exams I don't think I'll need another break so it's official I'M BACK!

And now to get back into the blogging with my April favourites.

Number one on the list is this cute 'to-do list' note stack from Ohh Deer. I just love what's written on the top it just gets me motivated every day.

I mentioned this one in I believe a favourites before and in April I finally got around to start my "polaroid wall". The quality of the pictures is amazing and the fact that this little boy prints without ink is incredible. Also the pictures have a sticky side is so cool.

Next up is a neclase I got quite recently. It's layered and it's gold with black so obviously I had to buy it. I feel like you can wear it on day to day basis or just for a night out.

This is probably the best thing ever. It's a fixing spray and god it's incredible. I've used this for The 1975 concert and I was sweatting a lot that day but when I came home after 12 hours being outside and sweating my makeup wasn't patchy or gone. I'd even say it was still on point. It's on the rather pricy side so if you decide to get it I wouldn't use it every day if you usually have a budget like I do.

Hair wise I've really been loving the new L'O'real shampoo. It's the Extraordinary Clay Re-Balancing Shampoo and it really does it's job. The scent is also really nice and it stays in my heair for ages.

Another thing I've been loving durng April is my trusty essie nailpolish called chincilly. A really pretty brown grey-ish shade which makes me feel sophisticated in some way.

The next thing I something I've never put in a favourites before. It's a shower foam by Rituals and I love all their shower and body stuff but this one is incredible. They call it "The Ritual Of Karma". It's with holy lotus and bergamot and sadly it's limited edition but I'm hoping they make it permanent soon. 

And now last but not least is the highlighter by sleek. I'm not actually using the darker colour to contour since it's too warm for my skin tone but the highlihter is so cute. By now I use it everyday and it just leaves this really natural and healthy glow to your skin.

These are my April favourites I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know your most loved item in April. Also since I've been to concerts quite often by now and I usually always have standing tickets I'm thinking about writing something like a "How to survive a concert" (or something like that) blog post. Would you read it? Let me know in the comments please.

lots of love

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