5SOS Sounds Live Feels Live

Hello. Hi. Hey. How are you? I'm incredibly good. In case you didn't know I have successfully passed all my A-Level exams with 2.5 on Friday and I'm buzzing.
But enough of that now I might talk about it more in another post I have planned. Today is all about 5sos and their current tour Sounds Live Feels Live. 
I was lucky to get Sound check tickets for their schow in Munich on the 16th June and I'd totally get pay the money again.

Since I had standing tickets I had to be early to get close to the stage. So I got up at 6am and took the train at 7.45 so I was at the venue at around 8. And I couldn't believe that already about 200 people were there this early. 
Then all we did was building roofs with umbrellas and rain capes since it was incredibly rainy and I even got a horrible cold afterwards. Anyway I meet 5 lovely girls who I spend the time waiting with and then inside, cos' I got Calum's site and the others Michael's, I meet 2 other girls and one of them was also called Celine which made us laugh a lot when we found out.

I made this safetypin poster (took me nearly a week) but they took it from me saying it was too big but I actually was still in the allowed size for concert posters. At least they took it as a gift for them. I'm still sad tho.

In the end we waited until 3.30 ish outside until we were let inside and then at around 5 or so the security led us inside. A few minutes later the boys came on stage and they seemed really happy and Ashton even said they had a great day. They then played Long Way Home and Wrapped Around Your Finger, which is like my favourite song and I was so sad when I saw it wasn't on the setlist, so you can imagine how happy I was (there were many tears). There were also a lot of questions but I can't remember them completely but I do still know that they asked what 'shit' means in German and we all said 'scheiße' so they invented the word 'bullscheiße' and kept saying it throughout soundcheck and the show and Ashton even tweeted it.

At around 6pm or so we then got send back outside before we were allowed back inside about 30 minutes later and I swear what happened next is still unreal to me. So when we were waiting in line I could see that we were quite far behind and had already given up on getting front row. However I still wanted second row. When our line started moving and we were inside I saw how many people there were but then there was a gap between some girls in the front row so I took my chance and grabed the other two girls and dragged them there as quick as I could. 
And who could've guessed we did it. I was legit crying I'm not lying ask my mum I called here while crying.
I won't talk about the actual concert apart from that it was amazing and that Luke was looking directly into my camera when I took a photo/filmed him and Calum noticed my SafetyPin flag (at least it looked like he did). 

Apart from that all our projects worked out amazingly well and there was a lot of crying from my side. Michael also invented a song for us and they all started calling us Munich Munchkins which still mkes me happy and proud thinking about it now.

All in all again an amazing concert and I still can't belive I got to be front row at a show of one of my favourite bands (I can finally check something off my bucket list).

I have included some pictures below and also have some videos on my instagram. While we're at it how about you following me on there my name's @celinxx_ .
I really hope you've enjoyed this post. Let me know if you've seen 5sos on tour as well and who your favourite band is.

I low key died here.
That was the moment someone should've taken me to hospital for fangirl AND Calum girl death.

lots of love


  1. You were so lucky to be so close to the stage and also to hear them play wrapped around your finger, I'm jealous hahah! You got some amazing photos x

    Sarah-Michelle | lifewithadash.blogspot.co.uk