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Ello. It's weird posting again since I just uploaded a post yesterday. Still I feel the need to get this out there and ask for some help.

This feels so weird writing about it but since I finished school I feel kind of lost. Like I barely see my friends anymore (which makes me feel left out) and I don't know what to do day after day. Even though I try to plan things so I don't start to feel lost but still it doesn't really help. 
And when it comes to the future I get incredibly scared and confused. I'll be an Au Pair for 10 months from September on but after that I'm really scared about what's gonna happen next. 
I just don't know how to feel like 12 years my life was planned day after day after day I had my whole day planned out but now that I have to go to UNI I will need to plan everything myself and that is what scares me. And also the whole living situation.

This sounds so weird but I can't explain it any better. If any of you are in the same situation or had the same feelings/fears like me please let me know what you do or did to sort everything out because it's starting to stress me out and usually I'm a pretty good optimist but right now I'm falling back into the pessimistic view on life.

lots of love

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  1. 24 years ago I felt just like u-omg that makes me sound so old but I can still remember the emotions. Everything before had been planned out then the next bit-uni-was kind of uncertain with a great deal of expectation, a certain amount of panic and a lot of excitement despite this. You will be fine, easy to say I know but look what you have already achieved on these pages and au pairing will massively increase your confidence. You are talented and wonderful, don't let the fear spoil the next step to the most exciting time of your life :-) lou at