Plane Essentials

(H)ello. How is everyone of you doing? I'm really good knowing that it's only 10 more days till I go on holiday.
Because of that I thought I'd share some of my travel or air plane essentials. 
I have been on quite a lot flights before but never an 8 hour (or so) one. However I've been reading quite a lot of travel blogs lately and also I have some of my own must haves so here's what I would always take on a plane with me.

Firstly you want to make sure you've packed your passport or otherwise you won't be going anywhere so that's the first think I'll always make sure has a save place in my bag.

Hand Sanitiser!! By now I can not go anywhere without it especially public places. I mean you never know who sat on that seat before or who used that door handle for the toilette and whether they've washed their hands.
I do pack some hand creme as well just to make sure my hands don't dry out. Quite recently I got two cute little hand cremes from Rituals which are like the perfect travel size.

Now to keep me from sweating when there's turbulence or so I always keep some deodorant in my bag. This is a spray from Garnier but I'll get a roll on one just because I don't think you're allowed sprays on a plane.

Next thing are glasses. I normally don't need it to see but sometimes when I'm reading a lot or blogging or doing anything that strains my eyes I like to put them on. And another massive plus about these is, since I won't be wearing much makeup, they will cover up any dark circles under my eyes and they will make the comfy plane look a lot more socially acceptable.

Another must are headphones and a good book (or two). You know when you want to have a little nap these are a must mainly to block out any noises but also to listen to an audio book or just your favourite playlist.

Talking about music. You'll probably need to recharge your phone at some point on a long flight and since the only plane I have ever seen a phone charger in was Singapore Airlines, and we're not flying to New York with them, I swear on my power add. It holds two full charges, it won't get hot and it's pretty light weight.

Lip Balm. So important though. I tend to get really dry lips so I take one with me wherever I go so it's obvious I'll be taking this one with me as well.

And now something I'd never not take on a holiday with me are guides. Especially when you only have limited time in a certain city these are perfect to plan the whole trip and they come with several maps which is really great. 

And now the last thing I'll be sure to pop in my bag is a pillow or in my case it's my Teddy. I know I'm 18 years old (and so is he) but he makes me feel a little more save and prefents me from getting anxious and also I've taken him everywhere I went no matter where since I've been born basically. So you can now laugh at me all you want but I'll pack him even when I'm 30 or 50 or 100.

I really hope you've enjoyed this post. Let me know some of your flight essentials for a long trip.

lots of love

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