Week 2 Recap

 Hiya how are you doing today?

I know I'm late with uploading, as usual, but I'm genuinely trying to better.
Anyway this is the weekly update on the body plan. If you don't know what I'm talking about check out last weeks post here.

So I've started week 3 today and I have to say week 2 was pretty hard. I had to push a lot but I made it trough and I'm feeling pretty good.

On a side note: I'm posting loads of the inspirational quotes and badges from the plan on my Insta or you want to see some of that or you want to see what I'm up to in London then just go over there and click on the follow button. It would make me really happy.

Now I think I've mentioned that as I work as an Au pair I can't eat the way I would love to especially with all the meals in the plan but I actually tried to include some of the dinners into the February meal plan and for lunch I'll try to either make some of the easy recipes, just have a wholemeal sandwich or something I really love is vegetable stock with leak and peas and one or two eggs. 

Also I've decided that once I'm back home at the end of July I want to do the whole plan again but this time sticking to the meal plan 100% of the time and I already have my mum on board, at last for the food. Not sure about my dad yet but I'm pretty sure he'll join too sooner or later.

The fact that I'm still going strong and have completed all the workout from start to finish makes me kinda proud and really happy because I feel like my mind and willpower are not as weak as I always thought but then again they probably were weak because I thought so.

In short I'm incredibly excited for the following 10 especially because after the 12 weeks are finished my parents are coming to London to visit me. SO every week I finish brings me closer to seeing my parents again.

That's it for week 2. I promise next time I'll upload on Sunday for the week 3 recap.

lots of love

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