Week 3 Recap

It's the end of week 3 and my am I sore. This week consisted of not 3 but 4 workouts and, yes I know, it does not sound like much of a difference but it sure is. These extra 30-40 minutes challenged me quite a lot but I stayed strong and pulled through.

I can actually start to see some changes even without sticking strictly to the meal plan. My stomach is getting flatter and my legs and arms seem slightly leaner. 
Also in week 1 I couldn't even do 2 V-Sits without having to take a break but by now I can actually pull through a whole minute of them and for me this is a pretty amazing achievement because I literally hate ab exercises I'd much rather work on my butt or legs but then again realising that I'm getting better at them gives me the strength to keep going. 

You know if you want that good looking stomach, which I want really badly, then you have to work hard. 

Now I know it's not just about the looks but also about how you feel and honestly if I can get to the point where my abs start to show up then I'll be feeling pretty damn good. I'm feeling good already but you know there's always a next level so keep going and don't rest on the achievements you've had so far.

Wow that went a little too deep but I guess it's because I just went to watch 'Hacksaw Ridge' (go watch it it's incredible) and Desmond Doss (who would've had his 98th birthday on Tuesday) is now basically my inspiration for everything. I'm gonna link the Wikipedia site on his story here so that you can read it if you want to and I don't have to spoiler the film, since it's about him, for anyone who wants to see it. 
But yeah he's amazing and from now on I'm gonna tell myself 'If Desmond Doss could do what he did then why shouldn't I be able to get in Communication Design or get through this week....'.
Basically all I'm saying now is go watch the film or read his story and find yourself someone who inspires you so much that you tell yourself you can do just as amazingly in any aspect of your life as they did.

Okay now I'm gonna stop rambling and go enjoy my Vegetable Stock with egg, sounds weird I know but don't judge it until you've tried it.

See you at the end of week 4.... hopefully :)

lots of love

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