Meeting my best friends again after one year

Hey Guys

Some of you are maybe in the same situation as I am and have a best friend or more in a different country. Now my three best friends happen to live in the UK while I am stuck here in Germany.

2013 I had the chance of staying in the UK for 4 months and go to school there. Obviously you make good friends, who you sadly have to leave after your time in their country is up.

Anyway last year my parents decided to go on a road trip though the UK and parts of Scotland which allowed me to meet up with my friends again. We had loads of fun what in the end just led to me being miserably sad after we left.

This year my parents got me a flight back to the UK and it was just last week when I used it to fly back.
First of all I had to travel from Munich to Manchester and then to Blackpool to the place one of my friends lives since I stayed with her. When I got there the first thing we did was having a little friends marathon until we decided to meet up with my other two friends in town.

All we did the first day was watching TV, having some Costa, going to the arcade on the pier to to the dance thingy, what we like to call it, and sit on a bench looking at the sea and laugh. All in all a great day.

Day two was a little more exciting because we took the train to Liverpool and went on a little shopping spree. I did buy a lot but the things I'm most happy about is the makeup bag from Zoellas first collection and her Fizzbar from the second collection.
After we came back in the late afternoon we all went home and got dressed up nicely because we had planned a girls night at Hannah's and wanted to take pictures there.
We took a lot of pictures and ate a lot of chocolate but actually we just had a really good time laughing.

On day three we found out about the meteor shower which was supposed to happen during the night so we organised a massive tent and put it up in Lizzie's garden. We also had a barbecue and filmed a little video dancing and performing to 'Shut Up And Dance' by WALK THE MOON. 
Also we made a little campfire and roasted marshmallows while Lizzie played some song on the guitar and Julia, Hannah, Rachel and I sang to them.
When it was time for the meteor shower we all got half into the tent and half out so our heads were outside. 
Counting everything together we saw about 6 or 7 shooting stars and around 10 meteor.

Day four was the day I had to leave again and you could tell the whole day that I was really sad again. Who could blame me. I just really didn't want to leave again.

That is one thing about having friends abroad that really annoys me. But still I would never ever give up my friends there or the time I spend in the UK. It was one of the best times in my life.

Have you ever been abroad for a longer time and if so do you still have contact with the friends you've made there or even visit them regularly?

lots of love

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