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Hey Guys

This is gonna be a not so typical post because...

I need your help and I need it badly. At my school we have to write a term paper during the summer holidays. 
Now my topic is 9/11 and it's impacts on firefighters. By that I mean those who were on duty during the attacks, so those who went into the twin tours or were outside helping. 
But another aspect of my topic is post traumatic stress syndrome and what the impacts are on the affected. 
You may now want to know why I need your help. 
Well I did A LOT of research on reports done by such firefighters who were diagnosed with ptsd after 9/11 but I couldn't find anything. 
So now I'm asking you, if you happen to be a firefighter and were diagnosed with ptsd or you happen to know someone who fits this criteria let me know and even if you don't know anyone please share this with friends, family, on your social media or whatever.

I'm currently working out a few questions, I'm trying use not more than 7, so you would just have to answer those and obviously be okay with me naming you and your answers in my paper.

If you have any further questions just send me an email ( or message me on google+

Please help and share this post. I really need those reports to write this term paper.

Thank you

lots of love

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