my top 3 holiday books

Hey Guys 

Today I thought about sharing with you my Top 3 books to read on while you're on holidays.
Reading is my favourite thing to do when I'm away because what else is there except for swimming and tanning and since my skin always skips the tanning part and moves straight to the sunburn I just like to lay in the sand with a good book. 
So let's start with the Top 3

Number 1 is another book by Rainbow Rowell. It's "Eleanor & Park". Legit my all time favourite book. It's basically about the first high school love of a boy and girl. They both come from different social classes and the whole story takes place during the 80s. The only thing I can say is go read it. I simply can't explain why I love this it so much and why it's such a good book to read on holidays. You just have to find out yourself.

Number 2 is Zoella's first Novel "Girl Online". I personally love this book and once I've started reading I can't stop and this is best that can happen when you buy a book. It's so relatable and you can imagine everything happening in the book so good and easy it just makes it so much fun to read.

Number 3 is "Fangirl" by Rainbow Rowell. I fell in love with this book so much. From the moment I started reading I felt like this book is about my life. I found myself saying 'this is so me' or 'this is exactly how I would've reacted' so many times I stopped counting. If you are a fangirl like me or want to understand us fangirls read this book. 
These are my top 3 holiday books if you choose to buy any of these, which I highly recommend, let me know what you think about them. I'd love to hear your opinions.

Anyways have a great time if you're going on holiday anytime soon, just like me. And if not have a great Day.

lots of love

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