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Hey Guys

Before I start with today's post I just wanted to let you all know that for the next 2 or 3 weeks I will probably not upload anything. Simply because I will be going on holidays to Malta for the next 2 weeks and after that school will start again right away for me. I hope you understand this.

Anyway talking about school this is quite an emotional and difficult topic for me at the moment. This next will be my last year of school EVER and that means lots of stress, trying to decide what to study or in general what to do next in my life and the fear of loosing contact to all my friends.

I can still remember my very first day of school and how we walked from church to school while me and my best friend at the time tried to guess what's in our 'Zuckertüten'. There actually isn't a real translation to this in English so I'll try and explain it.

Basically it looks like an ice cream cone but a lot bigger. Mine was about the size of myself as a six year old (about 1m) and the outside is decorate with many colours and tulle. Mine even had a little paper princes on it (my mom made the whole thing herself). Now to the inside the reason why it's called 'Zuckertüte' is because in the early days the cone was filled with sweets. 'Zucker' means sugar in German. But nowadays parents put stuff for school like glitter pens or toys or sweets in there. Basically everything a child could wish for. 
This is not mine but that's have they can look like
I just found out we actually still have mine in the basement somewhere.
If I find a picture I'll post it. Could take some time tho. 

Back to the story it was a great day all the people in my class were so nice and I knew most of them already from kindergarten. My teacher was so lovely too. Now that I'm thinking about it all my elementary school teaches were incredibly nice.

Moving on to high school year five was the worst. I nearly failed that year and lost about 4 of my best friends. Getting over it was hard but year six was even better compared to the year before. I made new friends with whom I stayed best friends with until last year this exact time. But yeah I got better in school and so it went on until I was in year nine when I happened to find out about this boyband called One Direction. I'm sure you've heard about them before. Anyway that year and the next year my grades got worse (thanks boys) and my friends got more and more annoyed by me. 

At the end of year nine I decided I wanted to do and exchange but not for two weeks I wanted to leave for four whole months. And I did. I went to England (as you do as a Directioner my first plan was Ireland because of  Niall ya know) and to be more specific near Blackpool. To be honest this was the best decision I've ever made in my whole life so far. The friends I've met there are so important to me by now and I never ever want to loose them nor do I want miss the memories I made there. But after I came back home everything had changed my best friend and I had changed a lot and we had a lot less things in common then before so after the last half of year 10 we both decided not to be best friends anymore. That was like I said before last year around this time. 

Year 11 was one of the best years of school I had. All my other friends were really comforting and I grew a lot more confident. I used to be really shy don#t get me wrong I still am in many situations but it's getting better day by day. And my friends are helping a lot.

Knowing my last year is will start in 2 weeks makes me anxious. I am afraid that my grades are not good enough to be good at my A-levels so I can study the subject I want. And I am also afraid of loosing contact with my friends since I want to go to Sweden and work as an Au pair for one year after my prom and then some of my friends want to go abroad as well or study somewhere else than Munich. Even I'm not sure if I can study here even though I really want to. 
But yeah I think I just have to make the best of the last year.

Let me tell you something before I end this post. If you're still going to school and maybe have more than just one year left please enjoy the time. Sure it's okay to say 'I hate school' but please don't say you want to be done with it already because you don't enjoy the time while everything is planned out for you because as soon as you graduated you have to plan everything yourself and let me tell you it is horrible there are so many things you have to remember and think about before you make any decision.
So please do me a favour and be happy that you're still in school.
It will forever be the one of the best times I had in life.

lots of love

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