Daily Makeup Routine

Hey everyone how are you doing? Today I made a post I never actually considered before but today it kind of felt right to do so here we go, I present to you my daily makeup routine. I think it's obvious that I don't spend much time or money on makeup, probably because I'd rather watch people do different make up looks than do them myself :P. But let's get to business.

Step number one (after moisturiser) is foundation. I actually have two different ones but at the moment I'm really hooked on the 'wake me up' foundation by rimmel. It gives your skin a really nice glow and is easy to blend. Also the it evens out your skin tone incredibly good. I normally only need a little bit even though I have quite a lot bigger red spots. But you can probably build it up if you feel the need to. By the way the other foundation is from artdeco and it's oil free (it's amazing in summer when you tend to get oily skin).

After foundation I always put on concealer under my eyes, around my nose and every other (red) spots I don't want people to see. There's not really much to say about mine, it's from l'orĂ©al called 'perfect match' in the colour vanilla (2) and covers up anything you want with just a little bit of product.

To fix all the products I use the 'Fit me powder' in 120 by maybelline. I'm not a fan of shiny skin since I already have really oily skin so this powder is perfect for a matte look. You don't need a lot to block out any oil making you skin shine and it's perfect if you're on a low budget (I guess that's product I use).

Next step are eyebrows. Blond brows don't quite benefit my face so a few months ago when I couldn't find the time to dye them (professionally of course) I started to fill them in. Currently I'm using a powder from artdeco but I'm thinking about changing to a pencil. Let me know you prefer if you've tried both.
I will start dying them again soon though because exams are coming up now and can't be bothered to put on makeup then but don't want to go bare faced.

With mascaras I couldn't decide. I love both of them the 'Lash Sensational' gives my lashes a lot of volume and makes it look like I have many many lashes but the 'Miss Manga' mascara really adds to the length and volume so I normally choose every morning differently.

And now finally the last step is lip gloss. I actually get breakfast after I've done my mascara and then before I leave I use lip gloss so it lasts longer. I already explained why I love this one in my September favourites.

Now just because I only have like 7 steps in my routine doesn't mean I don't love to go shopping for new products. I don't usually buy them though because there is this thing called money and I'm currently saving for my driving license so I'll just keep watching makeup tutorials and enjoy those. 
Also excuse the way the products look but I do have them for some time now, they look really used.
I'd love to know what your routine consists of or if you don't use and.

lots of love

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