5SOS 'Sounds Good Feels Good' First Impressions

Two post about music in a row? Really? Yesss!!! 5sos have finally released their second album 'Sounds Good Feels Good' and I couldn't resist the urge to do a first impressions
post. Yay exciting. Now of course I listened to the album before today since it came out on Friday but I still know all my reactions so let's dive into it. Here's also the spotify link if you want to listen to each song while reading.

The first song on the album is 'Money'. They dropped this one on September 17. I did listen to it immediately and even though the beginning is quite odd it leads to this rocky and energetic verse and chorus that just make you jump around and sing along as loud a possible. Basically a nice typical 5sos song.

Number two. 'She's Kinda Hot' was released as a single mid August I believe and I have to admit I did listen to it too often. You know when you find a song that you really like you start putting it on repeat 24/7? Yup that's what I did and now that the album is out I kinda just skip it every single time. I'm so sorry but literally the only part I can listen too is when they sing 'they say we're losers but we're alright with that....' basically the chorus and that's it. It's like an anthem for 5sos fans.

Moving on 'Hey Everybody!' is third. They released this one as a single in advance (16. Oct same as 1d's 'Perfect EP') as well. If I'm completely honest I have to tell you that unfortunately 'Hey Everybody' is the song I like the least on the whole album. I don't really know why it just has something boring (for me at least) I can't explain it there's just nothing really exciting about it but hey everyone enjoys different things.

Fourth is one of my faves since the concert in May. Yes it's 'Permanent Vacation'. It's just so good. I get goosebumps all over my arms and legs as soon as it starts playing. You can relate so much to this song and once you've heard it live you cannot not love and dance to this song. It has just so much energy. Similar to 'Money' but not quite the same. The best part though is the bridge. Good song well done on this lads.

Number five. 'Jet Black Heart' (was actually leaked before it's official release) is a rather emotional song with rather depressed (kind of) lyrics like 'maybe there's nothing after midnight' or 'the blood in my veins is made up of mistakes'. I don't want to say it's my favourite song but it is in the top 5. Also since this was released quite early as well I had it on repeat like 'She's kinda hot' but didn't get sick of it so yay massive plus.

'Catch Fire' is number six and finally one we haven't heard before. The first time I listened to it my eyes got really big because the bass (I think it is) and drums at the start are incredible (good job Calum with the bass). Moving on to the Verse and Chorus I nearly fell off my bike because I was so blown away. I can't really describe it you just have to listen to it yourself. It's just such a relatable song and one where you really listen to the lyrics other than concentration on the melody. Second favourite song on the whole album.

Unfortunately 'Safty Pin', number 7, was also leaked I believe. It's a nice one, nothing special though. The lyrics kind of continue the whole 'New Broken Scene' thing 5sos have going on especially since the logo is a broken heart which was put together with a safety pin. There was not special reaction other than listening to the lyrics and then concentrating on the individual instruments.

Nearly half way through number 8 is 'Wast The Night'. Incredibly gorgeous song. Wait can a song be gorgeous?. Anyway the verse is already really good but when Calum started singing in the Chorus I nearly screamed. His voice is so smooth and nearly soothing in this one especially when moving on to the second Verse. Luke as always sings incredible and Michael (I believe it's him) in the bridge again is sooo gooood. Goosebumps again all over my body. Now if you listen to the song and you think it ended after 3 and a bit minutes you're wrong because there's a instrumental part which then fades out to the ending. I found this a bit weird since there wasn't a real connection between the two parts but it's still nice.

9th is 'Vapor' and holy moly Luke Hemmings you killed me big time in the Verse. Also Asthon on the drums, well done lad. Moving on to the second Verse and Chorus Calum and Michael then killed me once again making it impossible for me to not love this whole song (4th in the top 5 faves).

'Castaway' (10th) is my 3rd favourite song because freaking hell you just have to listen to t and know why. There is just so much energy coming from it and again soooo relatable. Gosh and the Verse again. Listen to it I just can't explain it. The first time it came on I was walking to the grocery store and believe me or not I just stopped walking and my mouth was wide open because I was overwhelmed by it. I did get quite a lot weird looks from people walking past me who cares.

Number 11 is another song I don't like that much. It's 'The Girl Who Cried Wolf'. I can't tell you why I just don't seem to enjoy it (please don't hate me for this). The lyrics however are amazing. I think you'll have to make up your own mind about this one.

Brace yourself because it's time for that one song on every single album that makes everyone and I mean really everyone cry. 'Broken Home' (favourite song). The most emotional song I have heard from them so far. I mean 'hey mom hey dad when this end when did you loose your happiness I'm here alone in this broken home' how can you not cry from those lyrics and considering there is also a melody with it makes it even worse. Seriously this song made me cry so hard it was like the time Zayn left 1d (no kidding). 'Broken Home' just makes me appreciate my family so much more even though we have quite a lot argument and my parents often scream at each other we still have more good than bad times. And now something I want you all to know, if you have any problems or you just want to talk to someone feel free to write me on twitter, facebook or other social media, I'm a good listener (at least everyone says so). So yeah just know that I'm here for you.

But now let's stop being sad and listen to 'Fly Away', number 13. The first song they dropped from the album. And indeed it makes you want to break out and go on adventures. You know those scenes in movies where they put together different adventures the characters had different countries? 'Fly Away' is the perfect song for this. I'm not sure how I reacted to this but it must have had something to do with the urge to experience new things everywhere in the world.

'Invisible' is next and proves to be a really relaxing and emotional song. There's not much to say about this. I can see this as a perfect song for a studying playlist since there is not much happening with the drums, bass, guitar or vocals. It's a good one and I really like it. Also before I forget it fades out with an instrumental part again but this time it's violins and a cello (?).

Only three songs left and one of them is 'Airplanes'. Another one I can't explain unless I just keep repeating everything over and over again. Listen to this one yourself. I can assure you though it indeed is favourable.

Next one, 'San Francisco'. Gosh Calum Hood why do you do this and then Michael in the Chorus. I'm starting to think they set themselves the goal to kill as many fans as possible with this album. Marvellous song. Again my eyes popped out of my head when I first heard it but this time inside the grocery store. 'San Francisco' also has an instrumental part at the end and just like 'Waste The Night' it doesn't make sense to me because I can't seem to find the connection.

Now last but not least because it's in my top 5 it's 'Outer Space / Carry on'. Now as you can see it's kinda like two songs in one and honestly I like the first part way more. The melody and lyrics are just so much better and relatable (don't hate me no that's just my opinion). This one just made me genuinely smile as soon as I heard it. They have done a good job here.

Congratulations if you made it all the way down here. Give the album a listen if you haven't already and then let me know which one turned out to be your favourite and where you maybe agree or disagree with me. I'd love to see your opinions.

lots of love

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