Yankee Candle Collection

To quote Louis Tomlinson (with a slight change) 'If you like candles as much as I do, we're gonna get on real well'. The title gave it away today is a ll about yankee candles. I am actually a huge candle enthusiast but it's so hard to find those having the perfect smell. I wanted to share with you my four most loved ones. 

Number one. 'A Child's Wish' has such an incredible smell. It's sweet but not to dominant and a little like flowers but rather decent and held back ones. I always burn them in my bedroom which means a really dominant scent, like vanilla is kind of contra productive because it keeps me from falling asleep but 'A Child's Wish' is perfect before bed.

Number two is 'Shea Butter' and that's also what it smells like. The scent is barely there while it's lit. Blowing it out brings up the scent slightly more. Again perfect for a bedroom and before bed because of it's decent scent. 

The next one is 'Aloe Water'. As you can tell from the sticker on the side it's one of the fresh smells. The fresh ones are my favourite even during winter. I just find them so much more relaxing. I guess it's because really sweet and spicy scents give me headaches after some time. Yeah but this one has a lovely aloe scent and since it's called 'aloe water' I guess the aloe was mixed with water causing the scent to be more discrete. Basically amazing scent plus gorgeous design.

Last but not least my favourite out of the all AND the first yankee candle I ever owned 'Soft Blanket'. You know when you do the washing or put new sheets on your bed? Exactly this is what that candle smells like. Amazing right and again one of the fresh scents. Also look at that cute little teddy on the font. How could you not buy it? So cute, I wish I had this teddy ❤

Let me know what your favourite candles and scents are I'd love to try new ones. Also I'm on the hunt for this perfect pumpkin, cinnamon or Christmas candle so if you know any let me know because I'm desperate for those scents :D.

lots of love

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