First Ever OOTD

A couple of weeks ago Boutique of Molly reached out to me asking if I'd be interested in blogging or them and after having a brows on their site and already having a lot of things I wanted to get I just had to say yes. 

I immediately feel in love with the 'Riha' crop top. Stripes and black and white how can you say no to that. 
So I put together a little Outfit but please keep in mind that I'm not actually a Fashion Blogger and my style is usually rather different from the typical 18 year old.
However I feel like this top is perfect with some black skinny high waisted jeans and a thicker cardigan. Especially when you want to wear it to school I'd always go for some high waisted jeans, at least for my school, since a lot of teachers might not be too happy about seeing your stomach.

The zipper in the front is really cute and you could only close it half way if you want to and you don't actually feel it so no cold metal touching your skin moments as I like to call them.

I'll definitely wear this crop top a lot in summer that's for sure.

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lots of love

PS: Taking these pictures and actually uploading this post took an amount of confidence I don't normally have so I now have a lot more respect for people doing this regularly you guys are amazing.


  1. Love your outfit! Boutique of Molly have some nice stuff. X

    1. they really do! I whish I had more money to buy everything that i like haha!! xx

  2. aww I love this outfit and the background of your photos! You should definitely do more, this one was great x

    1. thanks luv! I'll try to put up another one :) xx