What's In My Bag - School Edition

Hello!!! I hope you're having a lovely and chilled Sunday. Today I thought I'd do a little (or rather big - sorry) "What's in my bag" post but as a school bag edition.

So let's start of with the obvious. School books and pens. I also like to keep my maths script with me at all times so that when I have a free period I can just sit down and revise for my A-Level exam.

Next up is a Journal. With all the stuff happening this year I could not live without it. It's just basic black and has a page for each day so perfect for school.

What else? Ah glasses. I don't necessarily need them to see but I'm sitting in the last row and back there it is difficult for me to read everything clearly and I always feel smarter wearing them so they're always in my bag.

Beauty wise I don't keep much in there since I'm not waring makeup to school currently. The only things I'll always make sure to have with me is my trusty eos lip balm. I just can't live without it. If Haribo is selling their sweet/sour peaches go grab them because that's exactly what this lip balm smells like and these sweets are de-li-cious.

In summer I also like to pack the VS body mist. They smell so good and it makes me feel fresh. The one I'm using is the VS "Aqua Kiss".

Some other essentials are tissues, a bottle of water to stay hydrated the whole day, my tangle teezer, I swear these are genius, my phone with headphones, because I can't even ride my bike for 3 minutes to school without music, and my purse, because you never know when you want to get some kinder pingui or a Milchschnitte.

Another thing I always make to sure to have is a pack of mints. I can't go a day without them because I'm really anxious of having a bad breath. I don't know why this makes me so anxious but I accepted it.

I do have quite a lot in my bag I have to admit that and of course when I have a day where I need a lot of books I leave some things like the body mist at home but in general this is what I carry around with me.
What's the one thing you have to have in your bag anywhere you go?

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lots of love


  1. I love the VS Aqua Kiss spray - I ran out of mine ages ago and I can't seem to find it anymore where I live haha! Lovely post :)

    Kathy xx

    1. oh no I hope you'll find one again soon! xx

  2. Hey! I LOVE your blog. It's so cute.

    Sophie xx

  3. We pretty much have the same things in our school bags. I actually prefer chewing gums over mints, but they never last longer than 2 days in my bag... oops! And even though you can barely see it, your bags look super cute!

    Be | lovefrombe

    1. I love chewing gum but I never seem to get much of it for myself since evryone wants one too haha! thank you the bag is from h&m it's like one of the michael kors bags but a lot cheaper ;) x