February Favourites

Better late then never is like a motto of mine in some situations and today's one of them. I know it's already the 13th March so basically the middle and I still haven't done my February favourites. But the wait is over I finally got to sit down and start writing.

#1 CND RescueRXx - daily keratin treatment

My mum got me this because my nails keep breaking of constantly and I'm sick of keeping my nails short. This 'polish' or serum as I would rather call it is supposed to be massaged into the nail and believe it or not it smells like pink cotton candy. Which is a big plus since the smell of other nail treatments I've tried is usually horrible.

#2 batiste dry shampoo

I discovered this quite recently in Douglas when I was on the hunt for my beloved Toni&Guy sea salt spray (which seemed to have disappeared) and decided to give it a try. I've heard some good things about this shampoo but never to around to trying it until now since I wasn't aware they sold it here in Germany too. But after two weeks I must say it does it job. I don't really like the feeling on the skin since I tend to have an itchy scalp quite a lot. The fact that it's white isn't really a problem since I've got blond hair and the scent is really fresh and lasts quite long.

#3 Garnier - Pure Active Matte Control

This by far saved me so many times in the last three weeks. I have incredibly oily skin so putting on make up is a pain in the arse. Firstly it ends up being stripy and it stays on for maximum one hour. But with this moisturiser my skin really stays matte and there is barely any oil. So thanks to Garnier for making this product.

#4 Liberty - CoolMint

About a month or so ago I got braces again (this marks year 9) and if you had braces as well you'll know how horrible some chewing gums can be to your teeth. To prevent them sticking around my braces I decided to change to mints. I feel like these do their job and their not as addictive as tic tacs and the packaging is so cute.

#5 going makeup free

This isn't really a thing but today marks 3 weeks of not wear makeup on a daily basis. My skin got so much healthier and more glowing. And also I saved another 15 minutes every morning meaning instead of getting up at 6.30 I can now sleep till 6.45 and sometimes even 7am. Believe me the first week was hard and it was troubling with my confidence but once it understand that 1. people don't treat you any different and 2. they won't look at you thinking "look at hear has she never heard of makeup?" because you know what most of them won't even notice it unless you tell them.
I used to go to school with a full coverage makeup and the next day I went there bare face and guess what not even my closest friends said anything nor anyone else. 
Makeup is for you to feel confident I know but that doesn't mean you can only be confident if you go full on with it.
And of course when I'm going on a night out I do put on a full coverage makeup because I feel less anxious and safer in those situations.

Not a lot I know but these were my favourites for the month of February. Let's see what March bring on.

lots of love


  1. Its never too late to do a beauty favourites. I agree going makeup free is good once in a while. Lovely post x



  2. I totally agree on what you said about makeup and confidence. Lovely post xx