March Favourites

Hi there. You might have noticed a slight change and if not I have a new header, which I'm really proud of, as well as a blog button. 
However today it's time for another monthly favourites. It's not a lot this month mainly because I've got a lot of school/graduation stress. But let's start with the post.

#1 Cinderella

Last week I went into Hugendubel which is basically the German Waterstone's, and they also offer some DVDs and this time they had Cinderella for only 9€ so I just couldn't say not to it and since then I've been watching it a lot or maybe just all Disney films I have at home or on Netflix.

#2 ankle bracelets

It's only march and not really warm but still I've been loving these so much. Especially the one with the little charm. The colours basically scream summer or sea which is why they'll be on my summer outfit essentials list for sure.

#3 "Polaroid" wireless printer

I got this for my 18th birthday and to be honest I haven't used it much until last week when I decided to cover a part of my wardrobe wall with these little pictures. This little thing prints with heat so you don't need any ink and the papers are self-adhesive which makes them perfect for a memory wall.

#4 Planner

Honestly I've never really used planners apart from school planners but at the moment this one, which is mainly for blogger, has been used a lot. I've been writing down all the things I need to do, my stats, scheduling blog posts and creating to-do-lists. Actually the perfect planner for blogger I must admit that.

#5 foundation brush

You might remember the post about me getting my make up fixed. Well I got this brush that day and I love it so much. It's incredible. There are no streaks and the foundation looks so natural in the end.

So these were my favourites for March. What was one thing you loved the most this month?

lots of love


  1. Oo I love the heading with all the pastel colours! The Polaroid printer sounds good, I had no idea the printer used heat rather than ink, I bet that saves some money ha

    My highlight this month was spotting 5 feet in a field next to us and getting closer to watch them before they leapt off across the field :)
    Ami x

    1. aw I love deer they're so cute *_* xx

  2. I love Disney films especially Cinderella! That planner is so pretty too! Lovey post xxx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  3. In love with that planner! :) Seems to be the perfect one x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

  4. The blogger planner sounds fab! I might need to get my hands on it..
    samantha xx

    1. You definitely should it's amazing! xx