Week 6 Recap


Wow I can't believe it's halfway already but I'm so happy I'm still going strong and keeping up with the workouts and putting effort in keeping my diet healthy even though there are so many sweets I want to have because we don't have them in Germany (I'll probably buy a lot and sent them back home).

So let's talk about the week. I know I said last week that I want to get back into healthy eating and I think I did a pretty good job this week. I admit I did have some chocolates but simply because I still had some at home and as long as they are there I can't completely resist them but now that they're all gone I don't have the desire to eat them or even buy them.

As I do some food shopping on a daily basis to get meat or fish and herbs fresh for the dinner I'll be coking that day I obviously see all the sweets and chocolates but even then I don't even have to force myself not buy them and this achievement makes me incredibly happy.

It's true thought that the first 48 hours are the worst when you're trying to not eat chocolate or any sweet containing sugar because basically sugar is a drug and we're all in some way addicted to it. Don't get me wrong it's not like in a alcohol addiction or drug addiction kind of way but we still are addicted and it's the cravings that show it.

Now obviously I'm not completely cutting out sugar as I love marmalade and self made muffins and cookies but whenever I get sugar cravings I opt for a banana with cinnamon or an apple because these are natural sugars.
Also just want to throw this in here I actually did a whole month, I believe it was, of cutting out sugar completely and honestly it really was the hardest first week of cutting something out of my diet ever. 

I had horrible headaches and constant feeling of hunger when in reality my body was simply experiencing withdrawal symptoms from not eating sugar. 
I did have fruit sugars because sugar is necessary to keep you going during the day but I cut out all the processed sugar.

If you want to know more about sugar and what I'm talking about because I might not actually make sense, here's the link to the film that inspired me to try a month without sugar.

But enough about the sugar and eating healthily because I did some other things this week as well. On Thursday I went to a quiz night and it was heck of a fun night. I definitely want to go to more of these because they're such a fun way to meet new people but also learn some more stuff.
Also I kinda figured out that all the ballet inspired workouts from the plan are by far my favourite but that's probably because dancing is kinda like my favourite kind of activity to do to workout.

That's it for week 6. Half the journey is complete and half of it is still to come. I'm hoping they'll be just as good as the past ones.

lots of love

PS: I'm still not over the fact that Danielle actually took time to read my Week 5 Recap. I was ironing shirts and literally had to stop for 15 minute straight because I had to cry so hard from happiness and I'm honestly just so grateful for the fact that she keeps up with everyone doing her body plan.

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