Week 4 Recap

How is week 4 already over?! It's one third of the way but it feels like nothing. Also it was another 4 workouts this week and now I'm really glad week 5 has some new workout routines because by now, I have to admit, I was kinda bored by the exercises. I really had to push myself to complete every day and not just give up because I wasn't feeling challenged enough.

Anyway, ONE THIRD done. How??? On Friday I was talking to my host child about how many weeks she's got left at school for this year and we realised there are only 20 which means I also only have about 20 weekends left to do all the things I want to do in London. This kinda shocked me and I basically send my Monday with a good coffee supply from Starbucks writing down all the cities and attractions I want to see and planning ahead until the end of march. I also managed to complete a whole plan for my trip to Edinburgh during the Easter holidays (get ready for all the pictures) and literally can't wait. It'll be the first time that I'm exploring a city for more than one day by myself. 

Something else that happened this week, which made me incredibly happy, was the fact that my host child will even eat a vegan supper. I made some recipes from Niomi Smart's cookbook (Mac'n'Cheese, Shepperd's Pie and Stuffed Courgette) to see how fare I could go with my cooking but she told me to make all of it again soon. Pretty chuffed with myself now as it means I can actually keep up quite a healthy lifestyle considering though that the shopping list I make every Friday for my host mum won't have too many rare/expansive ingredients.

Another thing I started doing in week 4 was writing down some things about my character which annoy me or think might annoy others but also the ones I like. Mainly because I want to work on my character a lot more during my time here. I want my parents and friends to notice a change once I'm back and I want it to be a change to the better.
Maybe I'll do a post about traits I've written down so far and am working on at the moment but I'm unsure so let me know if you'd be interested in reading something like this.

That's all I can think of for week 4 and now I'm excited to get into week 5 and practise the new workout routines for the next 4 weeks.

Did you do anything amazing last week (as it's Monday not Sunday) or was there something that made your day? Let me know I love reading about what makes other people happy.

lots of love

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