Week 5 Recap

That's week 5 done and to be honest I didn't want to share it at first but I've been eating so bad this week.
Since it's currently half term I had the whole week off from work and this influenced my food choices immensely.
I did a lot of exploring and rather opted for those ready made sandwiches you get at Pret or Starbucks since I'm really trying to not spend too much and then because I went to Brighton I ate at Pizza Express and bought lots of chocolates, which I usually only have on weekends and only a little bit, but I literally had a whole bag of chocolate covered nuts, a pack of dark chocolate digestives and some other bits and now I feel so bad because I can see how I gained weight again. 

However I tried Danielle's Mac'n'Cheese recipe and damn that's good. I could probably eat it everyday if it was acceptable to eat pasta on a daily basis.
Anyway I'm now determined to get back into the healthy eating tomorrow and get through the next weeks without a whole cheat week. You know cheat days are fine if they're once a week but not everyday :D. 

But basically this week was a lot of fun too. The new workout routines are so much fun and I was so productive on Monday. I legit planned my whole trip to Edinburgh in April and made a list of all the things I still want tot do while I'm in London and even planned my weekends until April as well. 
If you're interested about what's on the list, I've made a page just dedicated to the list and want to eventually start posting all the pictures of my trips on here as well as my insta account.

As I mentioned before I went to Brighton this week and it was so much fun I really can't wait to go again. Another thing I did was go to the London Fashion Week. Not literally though but we went past the location and stood outside there for a while just getting some inspiration from everyone there. 
It was one of the scariest and most intimidating experiences I've had so far though because I felt so under dressed. Everyone was wearing these really cool outfits and all I was wearing was black vans, black high waist jeans, and a black leather jacket with a massive grey scarf I got from Zara.
But still it was interesting to see how these street style pics you see online look like from behind the scene but I was still scared I might end up in a background of one of them.

Still from now on one of my goals is to one day attend the fashion week no matter if it's in London or Berlin or somewhere else I just really want to actually attend.

Enough of me blabbering, that's it for this week I hope I'll see you next week again.

Also on a little side not I'm thinking about starting to do some vlogging. Obviously I'm not quite sure I actually wanna do it especially since I want to wait until I have my new macbook but my I'll film some clips and then edit them into like a short video about what I did while I was in London from now until July.
Let me know what you think about this or if you can recommend any good editing programmes for windows that won't cost me a fortune.

lots of love

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