Week 11 Recap

Hi there and welcome to week 12 but today I'm still talking about the last week. It wasn't actually that much mainly because I was the las week before Easter holidays started for my host child so obviously she came home earlier causing be to have less free time but I still managed to squeeze in all the workouts while finalising my UNI application. 

The workouts went really well. I'm starting to sweat a lot more by now which can be quite annoying sometimes but to me it also means I'm getting fitter and my body is adjusting to the workouts more and more. Also my abs are as hard as stone I'd like to say. Still can't do more than maybe 10 sit ups though but oh well I'd rather be able to plank for 3 minutes than do sit ups.

Then on Saturday I went to Holland Park and Notting Hill with a friend of mine and we used the incredible weather to take some pictures for an upcoming blog post and Instagram
I swear we had the best bruschetta ever. I went for an unusual topping, Gorgonzola mouse with truffle oil and salt & pepper and omg let me tell you it was so damn good. Usually I'm not a fan of Gorgonzola because of the really strong taste but the oil toned it down perfectly and it was basically the best combination ever (picture coming soon over on my Insta).

And then on Sunday I obviously went to watch the boat race between Oxford and Cambridge. Since Barnes, where I live, is along he route a couple of girls and I meat right at Barnes Bridge to watch the race from right there. To be honest the women's race was kind of boring the men's however was slightly more interesting since they were closer o get and it wasn't too obvious yet who would win in the end.

I guess that's it for week 11. Not really impressive I know but hey not every week can be packed with interesting day trips.
What did you do last week or the weekend that really made your day.

Lots of love


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