13 Thoughts About 13 Reasosns Why

Soooo... first of all I know I'm late with this but I just finished reading 13 Reasons Why after watching the whole series a second time and now I need to get my thoughts on the whole thing out into the world.

There'll potentially be spoilers in this post so if you haven't watched or read it yet... come back once you're done.

I've split this up into 13 different thought because why not and they're mainly one for each character but also general stuff so f you want to find out what I'm thinking just keep on reading.

1. I absolutely love that the show goes into so much more detail about every character and not just Clay and Hannah. It gives the whole story a new direction and depth because you get to know how much Hannah's suicide affects the people around her. Even those who she thought she meant nothing to.

2. The idea to move Clay to be number 12 on the tapes and not 9, as he is in the books, was actually really good because I hated how in the book Bryce isn't facing any consequences for raping two girls so when Clay got Bryce's confession on tape before handing it to Mr. Porter I was quite relieved even though we never got to know if there ever was a punishment. But knowing there's a possibility shrinks my worries a little. And I mean it's all up to Mr. Porter and his decision on how to handle that information. I hope he does the right thing.

3. This one's about Tyler. I got so freaking mad when this scene happened I can't even explain how angry I was because there are no words for it. Basically you know how instead of throwing a stone into Tyler's window Clay takes a picture of him naked and then sends it to several people at school? Well how on earth is that better than what Bryce and Justin did with Hannah's photos? I was seriously doubting their common sense. Didn't they learn anything? Sure Tyler did some nasty things with stalking and spreading intimate pictures and sure Clay is seeking revenge but with this move he sinks down to Tyler's and Bryce's niveau and isn't any better than them. That's why I like the book in this case more because there Clay does nothing to Tyler. He just walks away from the house, obviously furious, but he doesn't let his emotions take over his common sense.
If you have any thoughts on this too pleas let me know. Maybe I got this situation wrong or maybe not but I wanna know what you think.

4. Courtney. What the fuck? (sorry for the language) But seriously though isn't she like the most annoying character ever. In the book she is kinda okay even though she's still a two faced bitch but in the show oh my word you don't even know how many times I wanted to slap her.
Of course it must be hard for her to come out especially with people maybe saying "oh well her dad's are gay so she must be too" but still how is this more important then telling authorities that Bryce raped TWO girls. The fuck Courtney that's just plain selfish. Tell me if you have a different view on this but honestly all I was thinking in that moment was "who shat into her brain like seriously??" also I'm not sure this is actually a good translation but we use that saying in German whenever someone had a really stupid idea or just has no common sense whatever.

5. If you read the book and watched the show I might need your help on this one because I'm not sure if I understood that scene right. Bu basically in the book on tape 6B she talks about how she was in the hot tub with Bryce and how she actually wanted him "so [she] could let go of [her]" and now I'm confused when I compare it to she show because at first I thought she tried to stop him but then I though maybe she used him there as well to 1. be who everyone thought she was anyway in the end and 2. help her let go of everything and be sure of committing suicide. So if you know more than me please tell me what you think.

6. A person who I started caring about a lot right from the start is Alex. Yes he made some horrible decisions with the list and hanging out with Bryce and Justin and the other guys and he helped a great deal in building Hannah's apparent reputation but still he shows the signs of someone who might commit suicide quite early on like the time he won't slow down when they're all in a car with Clay or when he jumps or falls into the pool at Bryce's house, I think. 
You know how in the the last episode we know that apparently Alex shot himself? This actually confused a lot because yes we have all the signs especially the one about cleaning because that's what he does just before we hear about the shooting. But then there's also Tyler in his room with guns and ammunition and him taking down Alex's picture in the darkroom. So I'm really torn between whether or not Alex shot himself or Tyler is seeking some twisted kind of revenge that involves killing everyone on the tapes.

7. I'm more than excited about season 2 and I really hope it's something to do with Tyler and him taking down these pictures. Maybe it'll be about a shooting at school. And I wanna know what happened to Alex because I wanna know if he's gonna be okay or not.

8. Mr. Porter. I don't even know what to say. There's just so much wrong. Telling Tyler to think about why these guys bully him and how he could change to stop them from bullying. Not coming after Hannah when she walked out of his office completely drowning in emotions. Like seriously. Who tells a victim of bullies he needs to change and he must have done something wrong to cause the others to bully him. My mind was blown by this bullsh*t. Victim shaming is wrong on so many levels and no it doesn't matter what these people are a victim of.

9.And now lastly something that's being said about the show in general.
Newspapers and also Headspace which is Australian's youth mental health organisation are concerned about the show "glamorising" suicide and causing what's called a Wether effect. I linked it with an article explaining the whole effect because that's just too much but as far as I know it's kind of a myth and not scientifically proven. Anyway they say it's causing people, especially teenagers as they can relate to Hannah's problems more, to commit suicide.
I can't really judge anyone on their opinions on this because I've thankfully never been in such a situation but I do think it's wrong to completely ban it and say it's bad. If parents and teachers talked about the show or the book with their children and students then I do think we could actually prevent more suicides from happening.

10. About the 'glamourising' argument. I don't really get this because honestly I did not see anything glamorous about the suicide. I thought it was rather brutal and that's also the reason why I think adding the scene was a good choice. Because suicide isn't always 'peacful' because unless you taking sleeping pills it's pretty brutal. And that's something people need to understand. 
By the way I talked to my parents about the show because I told them to watch it and my mum is totally on my side with this whereas my dad kinda agrees but also thought there are some major flaws in the show.

11. Here's something my dad didn't particularly like and I totally agree. The fact that Hannah put all the responsibility on others. I get it's hard for her but expecting the others to know exactly how she feels is wrong. They can't read minds and since she didn't talk about how she felt with anyone there's no way they could figure out what she needs and how she feels. Clay was quite close but it seem like Hannah said to herself that the others need to come help her and not her reaching out to anyone. 
You know that scene at the party where Clay leaves Jessica's room because Hannah told him to? An then when he left she's angry he did even though she told him to. Like how is that logical? Anyway my dad and I both thought she didn't try to get help but set her mind on suicide as the only solution. 
Sure Mr. Porter wasn't really a big help but she had Clay and her parents which she didn't talk to about what's going in school once. Or what about Tony?? I mean she trusted him enough to take care of the tapes so why now her feeling as well?

12. Talking about Tony. He's my favourite next to Alex. The way he takes care of Clay and helps him through the tapes. And in the end when he hands the tapes over to Hannah's parents and finally does the right thing. I don't know I just love him he's caring and just wants to do everything right even though it didn't always work.

13. Last one and probably the most random one. How do they have so many tattoos already? Maybe it's different in the US but in Germany you need to be 18 to get a tattoo and they can't be 18 already. Please can someone explain this to me because it actually threw me off a little.

And here you go 13 thoughts. Some a really random some maybe not. I hope you've enjoyed reading this and let me know in the comments what you think about the show and whether or not the suicide scene was a good or bad idea.

lots of love

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  1. I have heard so much about this show I have to watch it. Been kinda worried to watch it because of the suicide.