Guilt Free Biscuits

Who eats a whole pack of digestives in one sitting too? Because I certainly do all the time and feel pretty guilty afterwards. I swear once I've started I can't control myself anymore. 
So naturally I went online to find a biscuit recipe that's easy and healthy. And guess what I found it. I've made them twice now changing the recipe a little and I thought today I'd share my version of the little biscuits.

First of all this is the original recipe I just translated it for anyone not speaking German.

1 banana (medium to big)
120g quick oats
1 handful of prunes
1 vanilla bean
1 handful of mixed nuts
tiny bit of orange juice (optional)

Mash up the banana, cut up the prunes as chop the nuts into small pieces.
Mix the oats, prunes, banana, nuts and the vanilla pulp together. It's best to use your hands. Mix until it reaches a rather stick texture.
Take little clumps and press them down on a baking paper to form the biscuit.
Once you've used up the mixture place the baking paper on the grill. Leave in the oven for about 15 minutes at 180-200 degrees C.

If you have a sweet tooth like I do add a little sugar on top and leave them in the turned off oven for 5 minutes. They'll come out crispier too.

See it's pretty easy and there's literally no added sugar, flour or butter so also great if you have problems with dairy products.
And now here's my slightly different version.

1 banana (medium)
1 apple (preferably red)
120g quick oats & a little extra
1 vanilla bean or 1tsp of vanilla extract
1 handful of mixed nuts
1/4 cup of dark chocolate pieces
1tsp of cinnamon

I start of the mashing the banana. Then I peel and chop up the apple transferring it to a small sauce pan with 2tbsp of water and 1tsp of cinnamon. I bring that to a boil and let it simmer until the apple is nice and soft.
While the apple is cooling down I use a food processor to chop the nuts (I use hazel- and walnuts) and the dark chocolate until they're nice and small.
I then mash up the apple with banana and the water I cooked the apples in until they form nearly clump free batter. Then I add the oats, nut-chocolate mix and vanilla. If you want more cinnamon just add another tsp now.
I the use my hands to mix everything together until it's nice and sticky.
The chocolate might start melting so it's a pretty messy job but is's so worth it in the end. 
I use about a heaped teaspoon of mixture for each biscuit. That way I got 20 in total. Before placing them in the oven I drizzle honey and some more quick oats on top.
Temperature and time are the same as in the original but instead of taking them out after 15 minutes I leave them in the oven until it's cooled down.
Not sure why but I feel like it gives them time to get crispier.

So there you. I basically hate all dried fruits so added the apple and the dark chocolate to give them a different taste. If you don't think you can go completely without sugar use some vanilla sugar or brown sugar but if the banana you use is ripe it should be sweet enough without additional sugar.

I love these for snacking especially between breakfast and lunch. I usually have about three of these and the banana and nuts help me feel full and give me energy until the next big meal comes around. The chocolate I used is 75% cacao. I haven't yet managed to go up any further but I want to get to 80% as a standard. This could take some time though because it really starts getting bitter there.

Let me know what you think about them and if you want to try them at home as well. I'd love to know you're thoughts on these.

lots of love

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